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REVIEW: Xtreme Psychic Seduction 6

Format: MP3
Duration: Approx. 19'58
Author: Joseph Rinoza Plazo - Exceed Global Ltd.

The first ever benefit you will experience from using Xtreme Psychic Seduction 6 (ps 6) is the relaxation and the ability to recharge you. The relaxation is really well done, PS 6 is a guided meditation the file use binaural beat, subliminal and hypnotic suggestions to achieve its goal to make you go in trance, once in trance you are asked to make an exercise similar to the Aura Meld from the Psychic Seduction 5 E-book (PS 5), then you proceed by the telepathic technique which is similar to the remote viewing seduction technique of PS 5. You formulate a message then you send it to the other person, once it is finished you step into that person body that you have clearly pictured in 3D and you experience the message from the other person standpoint. You must make an effort to 'see' , 'feel' and 'will' the wanted response from the other person. This is an ingenious telepathic technique , the same used by Gerald O Donnell in his course on Remote Viewing and Influencing, you can use such technique for a lot of purposes such as healing, seduction, take business for example, You want make a sale to a client, you can use the PS6 to influence his decision to buy your products and services, I heard of a salesman who use telepathy and he has more than 90 % success rate with this. Have a clear picture in your mind of what you want and the benefits for your clients to work with you. Build a win-win scenario. One of the most important rule to succeed with PS 6 or telepathy in general is to have a clear image of what you want, imprecision will defeat your effort and discourage you. The ability to enter in trance easily is recommend if you plan to work with PS 6 for some people the short trance induction may not be enough, prior experience is also a plus, also if you have self-defeating internal dialogue about your ability to influence someone else with the power of your mind , you will fail 100 %. You must let it go when you finish with the guided meditation, don't ask yourself all the time , if it has worked or not. It doesn't help and ruin your telepathic work.

The PS 6 mp3 will benefit the most for the successful users of Psychic Seduction 5 and the experienced telepath.

If you use it here are my tips, note your intention on a paper and then put this paper on your heart chakra during the meditation, have a crystal with you , real quartz or amethyst and have the intention that your crystal will amplify what you are going to do. If you doubt start small , find a friend to work with and transmit simple image to your friend, use your five senses, make it real. The more real the experience the better result you will get.


Xtreme Psychic Seduction V costs 39.95 dollars. You can buy and download it securely here from RegNow.

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