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The Big O!

Learn a detailed method to have a real orgasm with self-hypnosis. You will see how this could work just about anywhere... at your office, in a restaurant, during a quiet moment at home... imagine the possibilities!

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Self hypnosis orgasm

Is this possible to have an orgasm with self-hypnosis ?

First, what is hypnosis ? It is a process whereby the mind enters a relative state of heightened suggestibility. In fact, we are often in state of hypnosis for example when we watch television, when we drive during long hours on the roads. The hypnotic state can be used to induce beneficial change. Self-hypnosis allows you to become your own hypnotist, we are all hypnotizable it is just a question of skills and partly of talent. Many people have used self-hypnosis successfully for all sort of purposes. You may have heard of Marc a pastry chef who used hypnosis on himself to lose 13 pounds in a single week, he was featured on MSNBC. Now, you can reach this kind of success in the sex area too, specially if you want to have an orgasm, a big O induced through your own capacity to do self-hypnosis.

Some of the processes used in self-hypnosis for orgasm are quite refined, the process used in the Wendi's Ultimate Orgasm help you to give to your brain instruction to move from one level to another level of the orgasm, until you reach a big climax. The technique used will usually give a full body orgasm, all parts of your body will be penetrate by an intense and deeper pleasure. If your sex life is in the garage or if you want to add more spicy to it, think of what you can do with the simple quickly learnable skill of self-hypnosis. This skill will help to overcome sexual blockage if you think you have one, you will only need a few sessions to master it, in fact most people will be able to hypnotize themselves during the first 3 sessions. If you are more a visual learner than an auditory one, there is a video of a seminar that teach you how you can learn to have an orgasm with self hypnosis. Below are the helpful links:

Self Hypnosis Orgasm - Ultimate Orgasm

Big O - Video that teach you on to have an orgasm with hypnosis


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