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 Telepathy: Psychic Cords

Have you ever feel very safe about something and then you come in contact with some stranger and start to worry for the thing you used to feel safe.

Have you ever thought of an old song or friend , and then you are with someone a friend and he suddenly ask you, if do you remember 'that song' or 'that friend'.

This phenomena is due to a psychic cord, a temporary telepathic and energetic link between two persons. Usually, a cord doesn't last long and dissipate within a few days or even hours. Psychic cords aren't necessarily bad however if you find yourself constantly thinking to someone in particular, you may form a cord that will drain you and make you feel bad for no reason. There are also some people that will drain you just by having a conversation with them. The busier you are with your mind, thinks of thousands of things, the easier it will be for you to be affected by energy. You can learn to recognize a negative cord by paying attention and staying focused. If you find yourself drained by someone try to put yourself in this person shoes and see the life from his or her perspective then send this person your love. It will help you and the other person to feel balanced.

Sometimes, If you are too sensitive to other people energy you become totally un-centred, it is then necessary to take the appropriate steps to consciously remove the cords. Affirm that you are free and that the other persons is free, learn to pay attention to your feelings. If you have a cord with someone special and you want to remove it , Paul Fenton-Smith gives this special technique:

1. Go regularly swim in the ocean or sea.

2. Take a bath or a swim at the end of a busy day to cleanse the emotions and the cords of the day.

3. Long distance (overseas) travel every year or two.

4. Meditation using a whirlwind of white light energy for more stubborn cords.

Alternatively, you can practice the HO'OPONOPONO ritual from Hawaii magicians (Kahuna). Relax yourself and then lie down somewhere warm and comfortable, now imagine yourself very light, so light in fact that you begin to rise up, light as a feather and float up gently into the clouds. Once in the clouds, see how free you are of earthly cares. Now imagine a stage below you and on that stage the person who you have a cord with . Notice her appearance and her demeanor, then ask them what she need to do and how you can improve the situation, just listen for the answer; it doesn't have to make sense to you. You are also connected to the Universe by another cord of energy from the top of your head with what is called the crown chakra. You now open up that doorway to the Universe, the top of your head, and bring in Universal Light -- White Light also known as Unconditional Love into your body through your head. You are going to shoot the person on the stage with the Light through your heart chakra and through your hands, picture shooting them with the light like the high beams of a car.

Now give them all the light that they need, keep giving them light until they fade or you feel they have had enough. Affirm "you are free and I'm free". Now in the hand you write with, picture a tool you can use to sever that cord between two of you. Now with love in your heart sever the cord. Notice the change in the energy now, notice the change in the person. Now you may let the person go and you can float back down to earth and present time. Sometimes, with strong karmic cords and cords from parents and may take several session. If you need to sever a cord with a parent forgive them.

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