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Learn Telepathy : Fundamental ideas about the phenomena.

People think of telepathy as being an isolated skill or a difficult rare ability to reach.
Yet telepathy is the basic of all communication, we understand languages because of telepathy, friendship works or doesn’t work because of telepathy.Of course there are more elements involved but all agreements for success or failure are first passed telepathically .Telepathy is present in all relations we have with other people and living form.
When you meet a new friend or partner, you first connect with this person at an energy level. People enter your aura even before you meet them physically, modality of a particular relationship are negotiate telepathically by your dreaming self the you that you are when you dream, this YOU that is focused on inner reality.

If you will pay more attention to your thoughts during the day and study your dreams after each night. You will be more accustomed to what your dreaming self is preparing for you to experience. Our waking life is the play, but we are not like comics strip characters imprisoned in a scenario called Life. First, we made the play during the dream, we decide to have certain experiences based on our beliefs and expectation. In the physical life there is a delay between the thought and the time it actualized through an event. In a certain way, this one of the thing we are learning in physical life.

Secondly, we have free will if you learn to observe self in your daily life you will soon discover what is your play. You may discover that you are learning certain abilities or solving problems. All of this is set up for your learning purpose by the inner or dreaming self. You may change at any time the direction you have chosen.

Now, telepathy has a great role to play in all of this. People you meet in your future are first contacted telepathically by the inner self to some degree you make friends with who have similarities with you, those similarities are transmitted telepathically.

For those of you, who wish to learn telepathy know that you are already telepathic to a certain degree. More inspection of your waking life will prove this.

If you think of someone and this person call you soon after, what do you think it is ?

If you suddenly out of the blue you find the solution of a problem, where do you think the solution come from ?

If you are happy and suddenly meet a stranger and feel sad all a sudden for no apparent reason, where do you think the sadness feeling is from ?

And more provocative, if you think you are a victim and the world is a violent place and men are evil, and then are the victim of an assault attack. Think twice about why you have been attacked and how you meet the aggressor. There is always an agreement passed at telepathic level between the victim and his aggressor.

What it takes to develop your telepathic ability, I’m not doing a step by step guide here, I just give you general information for you to make further research.

First, proper development of your Ajna center will insure the awaken of your ability. The Ajna center is located at the level of your forehead. Here be careful to not overwork this center.

Learn to have an impression and sense energy. Note how you feel before you meet someone , how you feel when your are with this person, and how you feel when you leave. Note your feeling when you think of nothing and note your feeling when you think of someone.

Learn to make soul contact, imagine your energy and your intention for love, compassion and communication emanate from your heart center to someone else heart center.

If you can learn to do the above correctly, you will on your way to be a skilled at telepathy.


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