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Format: 1 CD , with four MP3 files
Author: Joseph Rinoza Plazo, Exceed Global Ltd.

kundalini activator CD

My CD is Kundalini Activator v 5.0 apparently , the CD is updated with new improvement time to time. The CD contains MP3 files recorded at 256 Hz, they are of good quality, the sound is excellent, no problem on this part. It is recommended that you work with an MP3 player and a high quality pair of headphone, I personally burned the track on Audio CD, choose what you prefer. Note that each track are pretty long Kundalini Activator is 40 minutes and the CD contains two versions of it, the other important track is Chakra Activator with a length of 30 minutes.

They are two versions of Kundalini Activator the first use classical music has background, If you love classical this track may be for you. The voice on this track is very clear , the voice guide you in a chakra meditation you are asked to visualize each of them as a tiny star and then you are asked to make them grow and develop. The chakra color system is used , red for the root chakra etc . I'm personally not very much in that system, I visualize the chakra as just ball of light and I try to feel them. In fact, the more you use your five senses the better you will do with Kundalini Activator. The instruction are the same for each chakra, if you are not focused and don't pay attention, you may feel bored after 2 or 3 sessions, however, if you stay focused you will notice that the experience from awakening each of your chakras is different, the feeling you get is different. The day and your emotional condition at the time of the session may also affect what you feel. It is difficult to make a description, your experience will be probably very different than mine. As an addition a structural link is printed on the CD label. This structural link is supposed to send you energy through space and time and therefore reduce the time necessary for a change.

When you buy Kundalini Activator you are asked to choose a color of the chakra you wish to concentrate your effort on. If you are not sure what to choose go for white violet. Now, if you are new to chakra and chakra meditation in particular , know that the work with your chakras lead ultimately to Kundalini awakening , which lead to greater creativity , psychic power. In the literature Kundalini is represented by a snake , this snake is a symbol of rejuvenation of life, it's also a symbol of being born again. Once changed by the Kundalini awakening, one is never again the same. To help the Kundalini Activator works for you , I recommend that you practice daily an energy work exercise of your choise (tai chi, yoga, breathing) , a concentration exercise, and read spiritual and inspiring texts,

The Kundalini Activator is supposed to awakening your Kundalini in 6 months, in fact, the product come with a 6 months money back guarantee, I 'm two weeks in the program and I can tell you I have no plan to ask for a refund.

Kundalini Activator costs $ 79.95 ( 6 months money back guarantee), You can buy it here from - RegNow


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