Zero Point Broadcaster review

Last month, I bought a small « passive or unpowered » device, the Zero Point Broadcaster (ZPB) chi generator, it is sold as a Chi protection device against EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) and DOR (Dead orgone), it is a very good device to me however I never used it as a protection device. At first, I put it on my desk I noticed that I could feel its energy radiation not only from the ZPB but from its transfer disc as well. I thought that it could be a very interesting prop for mediation.

The first day I got my ZPB I meditated for about 1 hour or so the night in my bed and the next thing I knew was that I woke out of body.

Below is my account of the experience I had that night:

I experimented with various position for the ZPB putting the ZPB with the crystal point at your crown chakra is un-wise I did it and it gave me a pain that lasted for a week, so by all mean DO NOT DO THAT, however putting the ZPB on crown chakra like a hat is better, it makes the whole etheric body vibrates I tried that in the afternoon that was great but at night due to the pain of the wrong position I experimented with, I couldn’t do that anymore.

I put the ZPB on my sacral/spleen chakra, I was able to keep it there for more than 1 hour and I could feel the emanation up to my clavicles, I put the transfer disc on my heart chakra which increased the emanation of that chakra, I could feel it like being the flow of warm water the size of my chest, the feeling was also present in my arms and my feet at a lesser degree.

After the meditation I fell asleep soon after I woke up lucid in a dream and later I was out of body, I don’t remember how I did the transition, this is the downside from projection from the sleep state your awareness is half asleep, I was in a very cloudy and dark place, movement was difficult I was pushed by a force, I assume it was the astral wind so discussed in astral projection literature, I heard a voice talking to me, may be from my higher self or an entity , my awareness was such that I didn’t intent to investigate , when I was back in my body I put the ZPB and its transfer disc in a plant pot in another room.

I fell back asleep I woke up at the same hours as usual well rested.

A few days later, I had another OOB same technique used meditation, falling asleep and waking up inside a lucid dream from there moving to the astral.

I gained consciousness in the lucid dream environment and I feared that the LD will vanish so I rubbed my hands vigorously but it was too late, I’m not good at staying long in the lucid dreaming environment a few seconds at the very best.
I found my self in a grey area with little things to perceive the same area I was last week, this time no astral wind , I was stuck there like last week, this time I had an entity friend to help, he took me with his arm, we flew in that grey area I had a discussion with him, I noticed that discussing activate some part of the brain/mind and help retention of the experience, so the Robert Bruce advice to talk out loud when you AP is a good advice. At some point I had some concern about him pressing me too hard on his body and he pressed me even stronger, this kinaesthetic awareness also helped retention of the experience. The movement sensation during the flight is also very real and help the retention.

I don’t recall what was said during the discussion but I do recall at some point my entity friend asked where I want to go, I had no idea where to go, when you project from a lucid dream you are psychology distant from daily concerns and your waking reality , I didn’t ask to go at my friend house to observe my friend and afterward make comment to him about what I saw, this kind of thing totally escaped my mind, so I didn’t know a place to go, because I m not familiar with the astral realms but the entity picked up in my mind that I m interested to re-decorate my living room, so he took me to a showroom where I could see living rooms deco, what surprised me it is that I could perceive three living rooms at once, the surprise effect helped me to recall the experience , the beauty of the living rooms deco also helped however I don’t remember what happened next.

To conclude I consider the ZPB a very good aid for astral projector, when I don’t meditate but sleep next to the ZPB I have very vivid dream, I guess that some trained in lucid dream techniques (I’m not), could make excellent use of the ZPB.

You can learn more about the ZPB at

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