Winning the lottery and sport bets with ESP

Czech parapyschilogist Milan Ryzl trained a group of ESP students in Prague and to make the training less boring, the group was assigned to play the lottery numbers.Each number was associated to a symbol , then they used precognition to find the symbol, each individual in the group combined his or her finding with others and they could compare ,if they saw number ‘2’ as being the first number, then chance are that it was an accurate prediction. Ryzl group became so good that they made a good sum at winning the lottery.

In the book Silva Ultramind ESP system, there is an example of a man receiving the correct winning lottery numbers in his head and he bought a lottery ticket.
Yes, it is possible to the power of our mind to win the lottery and it is easier than what you might think, we will examine a few methods here.The first step is to look at your motivation, why do you want to win at the lottery , do you have a positive or negative motivation ? if you want to win at the lottery because you feel you do not have enough money or because you need more money, then you are coming from a place of lack. Anything like ‘I need’ or ‘I don’t have enough’ come from the lack, they are negative survival instinct stored in the root chakra. It is very important to cleanse that chakra until you can say ‘I feel more and more abundant or it will be a problem to attract abundance in your life.

There is an other thing important to check out ,It is when you start a project do you give up halfway do you have stamina to go until the end of your project ? If you learn a system to win at the lottery you will have to commit to it and not give up at the sign of failure. It is best to not start at all if this is your case, because you will reinforce the loser habit , always on the starting block never on the finishing line. You can heal this issue by cleanse your solar plexus chakra. In fact, it will be beneficial to balance all your Earth chakras before your start, the Earth chakras are the root , spleen , solar plexus and heart
For the cleanse process you can use the Kundalini Activator 2.
Now, let explore a few techniques, I have experimented with of them at the exception of the Stuart approach, I’m not into lottery but into sport betting the principle are the same.

Receiving the number in a dream


Back then, when I went to sleep I wrote on a paper ‘Tonight, I will dream of the winner of the horse race at Longchamp and I will perfectly remember it , when I woke up’, I slept with the paper under my pillow, the first ever thought that popped in my mind when I woke up was the number, when it is the correct number , it has a kind of feeling , a luck, win feeling to it, I will usually check the number with a pendulum later before I place a bet. The principle is the same if you play lottery .

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The Stuart Wilde approach


Decide that you want to win, write an exact affirmation that you are about to win, read your affirmation 3 times a day, remind yourself of the Universal Law of Attraction that never fail and never judge, maintain silence, always act as if, be open to receive and last but not least smile a lot. Some woman made 1.7 million dollars following Stuart Wilde method.
Remote Viewing and Guidance

This what I use now, it is very simple, if you do it properly, it is a method similar to the one from Klaus Joehle’s books
however I knew the method long before his books.

  1. Assume the lotus position or any other comfortable position such as sitting on a chair, as long
    as you can relax and be comfortable.
  2. Raise your level of Chi to help open your awareness beyond normal limit, imagine a source of energy from the center of this planet , the center of the earth , imagining this energyentering by your feet and raising to the level of the top of your head, do it on your breath rhythm on the inhale raise the energy in your body and on exhale let deploy the energy in
    your body where it need to go. Do a few breaths of that.
  3. Raise your level of Chi using the Solar Light, the energy from the center of the sun, imagine the
    energy entering by the top of your head and flowing down your feet. do it on
    the rhythm of your breath, on the inhale raise the energy in your body and on
    exhale let deploy the energy in your body where it need to go. Do a few breaths
    of that.
  4. Connect with your soul.
    Enter the feeling you had the last time you succeeded at something, it doesn’t
    need to be something big as long as you can experience that feeling it is all
    fine, feeling the success, will make the connection with your soul easier, if
    you are already familiar with the feeling of a soul connection or the feeling
    you have when you experience an intuitive hunch use this one instead, tell
    yourself that you are connected with your soul, focus on your third eyes until
    you can perceive some energy pattern from your soul, it may be a simple warm
    breeze or colors , shapes anything, when you think you are ready …
  5. …ask your soul to show
    the numbers, if you do sport bets ask
    for the result you want, this what I do, I usually have my results in less than
    15 minutes.

In some cases; the result can come to you at later time when you least except, always be ready to receive something but do not act desperate. Good luck and happy game.