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Utopia – the very word kicks up a feeling of euphoria and brings to mind a perfect setting where happiness is a norm. Revelri, a newly launched website that provides daily tips with a twist, aims at sowing the seeds for a utopian world by injecting some fun into people’s lives. The portal does this by kindling awareness about the smaller things in life, through everyday actions that bring pleasure in the minutest of quantities.

Revelri caters to a wide range of people who act as functioning pillars in the fabric of our society, with a target that’s not only community oriented but even individual-oriented. Revelri is a FREE website, and when people sign up they gain access to the different features of the website like Actions, Synergy, Wish Tree and Gratitude Journal and get an idea about their journey through self discovery.

Actions and Gestures, With a Pinch of Fun

When was the last time that you went for a calm walk with your wife?

Or stayed up a bit late in the night listening to your favorite songs before drifting off to sleep?

Are you in touch with your relatives, and friends of the family who were an integral part of your life when you were a child?

As time passes, we all tend to get sucked into a materialistic lifestyle where relationships slowly falter and become meaningless, while previously trivial entities like virtual lives overtake personal goals and values. One of the key things about Revelri is its actions – the website offers daily actions for all its users, just small tasks that they can do on an everyday basis to make their day a little bit more cheerful.

There are tips and tasks for the health conscious, actions that are specifically meant to improve personal relationships and familial ties. There are even actions that are designed to rouse people and get them out of their daily fears and insecurities to make their outlook much brighter, changing their perception of what they’re capable of.

From dancing when no one’s watching to rolling down the car window to feel the breeze, the website must be commended for providing simple actions for people to do, and effective ones at that!

How Unique Are These Actions?

The actions in Revelri are diverse and apply across all cultures, and they are rooted more in human emotions and feelings. Another aspect is that these actions are tailored specifically for different users across the website, a smart move that makes them a lot more doable.

Women who have signed up don’t have to worry about sporting a beard to work – Revelri makes sure that such actions only apply to an audience that can successfully pull off a goatee – men!

The finer actions among these are the ones that cater to parenting. The tips provided are neatly classified by the website into those for boys and those for girls. This will surely prove to be useful for clueless parents of the modern age who’re struggling to establish a rapport with their children.

Revelri strikes the right chords when it dishes out actions that can make the world a better place to live in, urging people to go green, reduce their waste, recycle materials that they use daily and passionately work for a cause.

There are different levels that Revelers (a fancy name for its users that’s very catchy) can reach over a period of time, and these levels are pegged as Clouds. Revelers can start off from Cloud 0 and slowly work their way up to Cloud 5.

These little tweaks give the website a very positive vibe and contribute towards making the entire experience an engaging one.

A Gratitude Log on the Virtual Space

Apart from its actions, Revelri goes a step further by providing a Gratitude Journal where Revelers can note down their gratitude for all that they have in life. The website also has a Wish Tree where users can jot down their desires and wishes, and strike them off once they are fulfilled. These neat little features add on to the site’s overall feel, although a little more attention could have been paid in this direction.

Another striking feature about Revelri is Synergy, where cases of concern can be posted by Revelers and can be healed by fellow Revelers. This serves as a platform where people can pray for each other’s well being, and feel like they’re part of a larger scheme of things. This is a very interesting and unique feature from the website that focuses towards bringing Revelers together in a tightly knit community.

The idea is novel – imagine you’re feeling low due to certain unfortunate circumstances and are hoping that things will change for good. All you need to do is post about your problems, and fellow Revelers are sure to spend some moments praying for your well-being. As a Reveler, you’ll have unending access to such positive vibrations.

Revelers can interact among themselves within the community through features like Messages, and the website provides a platform for like-minded people to get together and share their thoughts and prayers.

With such refreshing concepts, Revelri is quite different from the regular self help groups that crowd the internet. What’s more, the website offers all its services for free, while other websites often charge users for accessing their creamy features. With a little bit of tweaking and some more online prominence, it can soon grow into a platform to reckon with, thanks to its positive content!

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