What Kind of Psychic Are YOU? (This May Change Your Mind)

Are you psychic? If so… HOW so? What type of unique, intuitive abilities do you believe you possess? Do you ever see or feel things before they happen? Or, do you occasionally have experiences that are so amazing and enlightening that you fear sharing them with other people out of fear of being branded nuts?

The truth is, there are all kinds of cool, creative and compelling “clairvoyant” types of experiences, and many of them don’t easily fit into the sort of box that many of us think about when we ponder our own psychic and spiritual abilities.

For example?

Just about EVERYONE has the ability to expand our awareness and see, sense and feel things that are happening at great distances away. It simply takes practice to perfect, but everyone reading this right now can HAVE the experience of “witnessing” things that are happening outside of your current visual field of view.

Other people have ONE experience that opens up a whole slew of OTHER spiritual and psychic experiences that change their lives, and their world view forever.

For example?

Near death experiences, or people who “see the light” so to speak often come “back” with an amazing array of extraordinary abilities and a slew of psychic senses that they didn’t have before hand.

Many NDE’rs will talk about being able to see, sense and speak to spirits after they’ve come that close to crossing themselves, even if they didn’t believe in ANY of this stuff beforehand.

Others report an expanded sense of self… and a radically reduced fear of death, and an amazing INCREASE in a sense of psychic connection to all other living beings, often including animals, insects and even plants.

I know… it sounds crazy to say… but it’s TRUE, and an appreciation for the energy of life doesn’t have to be limited to just life that is most like us.

All kinds of other psychic abilities are much more common than most of us admit – from precognition, to lucid dreaming, to even things like having vague memories of past lives or previous incarnations that feel as real, at least for a few moments, as our daily ones do everyday. (something I’ve personally experienced on many occasions as well)

What about YOUR psychic experiences? Which ones are those that make you feel that there is much MORE to life than our 5 senses could possibly reveal?

What Kind of Psychic are YOU? Share YOUR coolest or craziest psychic experience with us HERE… and find out NOW!

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