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What is true power?

For those in power to stay in power they must spread false information on how power is gained and maintained. The masses must be kept in darkness about how to increase their scope of influence and command in the world. They believe power is gained by money, greed, persuasion, domination, force – all of which are actually symptoms of powerlessness.

A few game rules of true power are shared within this article. In extrapolating these principles you will discover other things on your own.

Self-Importance vs. Others Importance

People are addicted to feeling important, special, better. You gain power not by Self-Importance, which makes you inert and manipulable, but by making others important. You are a unique individual. But by showing this too much and making yourself better than others, you will attract envy. People will want to put you down. By making them important, valuing their talents, beauty, achievements – you cater to their insecurity and needing of wanting to be better. Do not outshine your boss. You are not important. Your customers are. You are not important. Your superiors are. You are not important. Your colleagues are. You are not important. Others are. And as you give people what they long for, your own power increases.

Control of Others vs. Self Control

If you think trying to control others equals power you have been misinformed. Before seeking command over others, find command of yourself. You are all you truly have. The world and what you experience is a reflection of you. Control yourself and you control the world. In any situation where you are wanting to change others, have others think or feel something, manipulate others, you are in a state of lack. You cannot change others directly. In fact, if you attempt to do so, they will notice, and resist the change you seek in them even more. Wanting control equals not having control. If however, you are an example of poise, self-discipline and clarity, you will lead by that example. People will change in your presence not because you told them to change or tried to exert dominance over them, but because people always imitate the people who have the most energy. Others are a mirror. You cannot expect the mirror to change by demanding it to smile first.

Chatter vs. Silence

A lot of energy is wasted in mindless chatter, gossip, lying, not keeping your word and verbal focus on the unwanted and the unimportant. A lot of energy and power is accumulated in Silence. Insecure people can’t stand silence and so they talk for the sake of talking – without purpose, reason or focus. But talking is creative, and when you are finished talking you have created a world from your words. Energy diffuses when talking is pointless and unfocussed. “Where were you just now?” asks the wife. “I was taking the garbage out” answers the husband. And the point of this conversation? None.

Observe those who spend hours talking about the most mundane and unimportant things. Look at how they exhaust their energy, constantly focussing on issues that have nothing to do with their truest hearts desire. Lying and deception is another certain way to loose your power. How much creative power do you think your WORD has if it turns out that that WORD is untrue? Who will follow your command? Nobody. If you have spoken many things that did not come to fruition, your inner-self will take this is a signal that your word does not mean anything. Talking too much also overwhelms other peoples attention-spans with things they could not care less about. When you hold a speech in front of people, it is not only about what you say but also about what you do not say. Too much information will quickly bore them. Giving less information will keep them attentive. Say less than necessary. Never ever talk bad behind someones back. Foul-mouthing others subtly reflects worse on yourself than on the person you are talking about.

Fixed Identity vs. Formlessness

Water resists nothing and nothing resists it. It is formless and easily passes through all situations. Having a fixed identity, fixed opinion, fixed lifestyle, fixed habits makes you predictable and easy to attack and break. Wood is easy to break. Water and Air are impossible to Break. Change is the only constant. Being thus always on the move or in a state of transformation, you cannot be located and fixed as a target. Do not succumb to the identities and roles society tries to bestow upon you. Be able and ready to adapt to different realities, countries, people, situations. Not being fixed in one position also allows you take on other peoples viewpoints – which, ultimately equals being able to lead them.

Reveal vs. Conceal

Do not reveal your goals, intentions, plans. Doing so will open them up to doubt and attack from others. But they cannot attack something they do not know about. They cannot doubt something they are unaware of. Revealing your goals before they are achieved can also stifle their very accomplishment. Never brag. Do not discuss your weaknesses in public or towards people you are not very close to. Remain elusive to the world. You need not justify every move you make. You need not report your location, whereabouts, past, present, future to the world. Remaining thus mysterious your appeal will grow.

Work vs. Productivity

Do not exhaust yourself with work you do not enjoy. If there is an important errand that must be done, do not procrastinate or postpone but get it over with quickly. Spend the rest of your time doing things you enjoy. Allow your work to be creative and productive. Delegate the work you do not like to others or to “The Forces of the Universe”. Money is not important. Approval from society is not important. Success is not important. These are superficial things. What is important is that you have joy in being productive and creative. In focussing purely on creating value for yourself and others, while ignoring all superficial desires, your power will increase. You will not catch many butterflies by hurriedly running through the field after them. Instead, use a bait that smells wonderful to butterflies and they will come to you – without much effort on your side. True Power gets more done with less effort.

Wanting to be Rich vs. Passive Income

Rather than focussing on “making a lot of money”, focus on automated processes or objects that can generate money for you. This means you work once or purchase something once – and that thing will, from that point on, make money for you without you having to do anything. Becoming “rich” at the expense of your time, health or joy, is no success at all. It is a wasted life. For example: I write a book. That means I work once, with passion. And henceforth the book makes money for me, without my effort. There are millions of other ways to generate passive income. Come up with something.

Take vs. Give

Do not judge the day by what you reap but by what you sow. Ask not what you are getting, but what you can give. The beggar always seeks to receive, the wealthy man is always in a position to give. Instead of asking what a customer or a company or a group or society can do for you, ask what you can do for them.

Dishonesty vs. Integrity

In its original meaning the word “Integrity” means “Being part of the whole”. This means to treat the world as you would like to be treated. If you manipulate others, you open yourself for being manipulated. Your inner power can create anything and everything – without needing to lie, steal or cheat. So remain clean. Maintain the highest standards of reputation and ethics you can. Then you will not have to feign or pretend to be in good standing (which costs a lot of energy). Keeping transgressions and evils secret sucks life energy out of you. It makes you vulnerable for attack. It makes you a target for blackmail. By obeying the ethics of your society and community you become someone who cannot be attacked or hurt. And if someone does decide to attack you or blame you for a wrong, it will reflect back on them – as no evidence of your wrong-doing can be found.

Reactive vs. Pro-Active or Non-Reactive

At the heart of powerlessness lies reactivity. Reacting to perceived enemies. Reacting to problems. Reacting to attacks. Whatever you react to, you assign importance and validity, thereby giving it power over you. When something you dislike happens: Either do not react to it at all, or become pro-active in the opposite direction.

Frederick Dodson is the author of books, videos, audios and skype-sessions on success, spirituality and metaphysics. He is the creator of Reality Creation Coaching at and

The Basic Reality Creation Technique

2 Responses to What is true power?

  1. Leigh September 24, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

    This is a very interesting and easy to understand article. Also I did follow the Basic Reality Creation Technique. I enjoyed both immensely.
    I always enjoy the emails I am getting from you. They teach me a lot. Thank you.

  2. Typing September 25, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    Article is vague rehash of common knowledge

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