What is Radionics

Radionics is a means of healing at a distance using
special radionic instruments. It originated in the 1920s when an
American neurologist, Albert Abrams, invented a “black box ” (with no
electronic circuitry) that he claimed could pick up a person’#8217;s
vibratory patterns from a “witness ” such as a hair clipping, and
transmit healing radiations to that person.

Radionics has been
the subject of controversy and is banned in the United States. In
Britain, by contrast, a committee of medical experts supported Abrams’#8217;
basic idea as long ago as 1924, and in 1960 a British judge dismissed a
case of fraud that had been brought against the therapy.

is holistic, addressing all aspects of the client. After analyzing the
condition, the practitioner uses a radionic instrument to direct
corrective “energy patterns ” to them. Homeopathic or flower remedies,
nutritional therapy, lifestyle changes, or conventional medicine if
appropriate may also be recommended. Indeed, the British Radionics
Association stresses that its work is complementary to conventional
medicine, not a substitute for it.

It seems likely that radionics
is a form of distant healing, with the instruments providing a focus
for practitioners to create a mental and vibrational link with their

The client may not ‘#8217;need to meet the practitioner,
although most therapists will wish to meet their client at least once.
The diagnosis begins with a questionnaire that will probe the client’#8217;s
medical history. The therapist will also ask for a ‘#8217;witness ” of a drop
of blood or a lock of hair, which can be used to diagnose or treat the
condition. The client is then informed of progress.

The therapy has been shown to be effective in a number of cases ranging from physical pain to emotional problems.


Computerized Treatment System (ACTS) is a system of computerized
radionics developed in Britain by radionics pioneer Major Gordon Smith.
This system contains 260,000 treatments, which include homeopathy,
acupuncture, herbalism, flower and, gem remedies, color, sound, and
light therapy, and the energies of vitamins and minerals. The ACTS is
connected to you through your witness and delivers the treatment, which
it has assessed that you need, at the right time and in the right
quantities from its database, From there it may be recommended that you
see your physician, or a homeopath or herbalist, according to your
needs. ACTS has yet to be independently assessed.

Psionic Medicine

medicine was founded in the 1960s by a British doctor, George Laurence,
with the aim of treating basic cause of illness. It is similar to
radionics, but practiced only by qualified physicians.

and psionic medicine are considered to be completely safe, and because
it is noninvasive and appropriate for people of all ages, as well as
plants and animals, it has grown in popularity.

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