What is a psychic Attack ?


When people think of the word “psychic, ” they often think of mystical ceremonies being performed, usually involving reading the future, crystal balls, tarot cards, and so on. While this may be the part of the psychic world that is emphasized in Hollywood, it certainly doesn’#8217;t end there. So what does the word “psychic ” actually mean, and what is a psychic attack?

Meaning of the Term ‘#8217;Psychic’#8217;

“Psychic ” is a word that describes the parts of our human experience that science can neither document nor explain. All of us have energies and auras, which are integral to psychic power. Psychic power is simply recognizing and reading another person’#8217;s aura or the overall energy (or mood) of a place or situation.

What is a Psychic Attack?

Psychic attacks are when a person’#8217;s aura is compromised by negative energy. Sometimes the harmful energies are intentionally directed at the person by another ill will, but more often people leave themselves open or vulnerable to negative energies and ones all around us just seep in uninvited.

Symptoms of Psychic Attack

That is not to say that a attack is responsible for every bad thing that happens to us – sometimes we are just unfortunate, sometimes we need to learn an important lesson, and sometimes a hardship in our lives now is necessary for the growth of another person. But some symptoms of a such attacks may include:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Loss or increase in appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Sudden health problems
  • Relationship trouble
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Recurring bad dreams
  • Undefined or undirected fear or anxiety
  • Hearing voices

Upon experiencing some of the above symptoms, the first thing a person should do is have them checked out by a medical doctor and/or a psychiatrist. For example, rule out the possibility of a brain tumor or other neurological problem as the cause for frequent headaches or hearing voices before assuming it is a psychic attack. Other symptoms like changes in eating or sleeping patterns, or oppressive negative feelings, may be the result of clinical depression. Make sure to check those out first. If medical science has no answer for the negative energies you’#8217;re suffering from, they are probably the result of psychological attack.

Protecting Yourself Against Psychic Attack

The hardest aura to attack psychically is a strong, pure, and whole one. Often, we invite psychic attacks because of holes or weak spots in our positive auras. Anger, self-doubt, and pessimism all weaken our psychic auras and make us more vulnerable to psychic attack. The best way to defend ourselves is to fortify our spirits so that we can remain strong against negative energies around us. Meditate regularly. Spend time connecting with the people and things around you. Concentrate on sending out positive energy. Be productive. Take good care of your health. Concentrate on eliminating bad feelings from your life and getting rid of negative or draining relationships in your life.

Once you have “cleansed ” yourself spiritually, you’#8217;ll be more impervious to psychic attacks.

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