What Do Psychics See? Picture Threads – Part 2 of 4

Let’s explore what to do when you become aware of a mental image picture in your space that is no longer serving you.

What to do with a picture first requires creating a new picture about how a collection of pictures actually exists in one’s space. Many new age or metaphysical disciplines speak about personal growth being similar to layers in an onion. You peel off one layer after another on your inner journey. This analogy was used at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and until recently it adequately described my understanding of energetic change.

My problem with the onionskin picture is that it suggests that all layers are approximately the same in terms of importance or intensity. This view implies that you will never finish all the layers of the onion. That is a bit discouraging and from my experiences, it is untrue that each step is equally important.

Instead of an onionskin, let’s use a contemporary term found in blogs or forums. Pictures in your space are more similar to a thread, where there is an underlying theme or context. Here is an example of several pictures in a thread about honesty:

Numbers 1-4 are pro-honesty & 5-9 are contrary to that.

1) George Washington and the cherry tree story “I cannot tell a lie.”

2) Scouts’ honor: Tell the truth.

3) Don’t lie, cheat or steal.

4) Tell the truth and shame the devil.

5) If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

6) Children should be seen and not heard.

7) Don’t be a tattletale.

8) White lies are OK. (In the interest of being tactful, diplomatic or polite.)

9) From the movie Godfellas,

“The lowest piece of scum in my part of the world is a rat. Never squeal on anybody, especially your friends — this is the core tenet of loyalty.”

“… never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.”

As you can see when working an honesty picture there are many other pictures involved that touch various other aspects of life: childhood, loyalty, discretion, honor, friendship, etc.

Pictures are subtle, overlapping and not consistently helpful or harmful. Removing a picture when it is heavily charged with lots of emotion can cause an unmanageable growth period. If we get rid of the tattletale picture then the pro-honesty influence gets stronger. Remove the Scouts’ honor energy of telling the truth and it gives the hold back on the truth more significance. For fun, subtract one of the pictures above and look how almost every other picture is impacted.

In the next segment regarding mental image pictures in one’s space, we will look at how to change or remove a picture while keeping an eye out for successfully managing the ensuing growth period.

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