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What Do Psychics See? Part 1 of 4

Clairvoyantly speaking, when doing a psychic reading one sees mental image pictures in the aura, in the chakras and in the body. By pictures, imagine an image of the Statue of Liberty in your mind’s eye. Your vision of the Lady of Liberty, whether it is animated like a cartoon or maybe a CGI rendering or even appearing as incredibly real (as if you were there in person) is what we mean when we talk about pictures in someone’s energetic space.

The most visible pictures to see/read are the ones that hold the most energy or emotion. Being passionate about something suggests your pictures (relating to the subject) are highly charged. These pictures are like Instagrams – snapshots in time that preserve a memory. Adding pictures to our energy space (during the course of a lifetime) eventually builds quite a collection of pictures.

The energy of strong pictures can sometimes blind you or at the very least hide other pictures in your space that offer a more balanced point of view. When there are an overwhelming number of highly charged pictures in our space, an energy condition known as stuck in one’s pictures can occur. This is very similar to that oft quoted phrase can’t see the forest for the trees.

When we only see the world through our pictures without realizing they are just pictures, we lose our objectivity and start down a path that is shaped by our most intense experiences/memories.

Interestingly, when a person embarks upon a spiritual journey they still have all their pictures impacting their approach and perspective. Normally when one’s pictures are challenged for being just that: a picture, nothing sacred or universally true, it’s just a picture – that is when things begin to heat-up. Most people defend their pictures, as that is all they know.

“My lifetime tells me this is true.”

As you can imagine, this can be quite confusing in the world of personal growth. How can one change their universe while also defending their pictures? Yes, welcome to the world of being a clairvoyant teacher!

Most people defend their pictures to the bitter end or until they realize they are just pictures in their space. We define ourselves (until gaining a stronger picture awareness) by our pictures and until we create a new picture of ourselves it is almost impossible to let go of our “core pictures.”

One of the first steps to gaining more of your spiritual freedom is to strengthen your energetic muscles (much like lifting weights at the gym) by becoming more clairvoyant. It is in the act of doing a psychic reading that we begin to notice other people also have pictures in their space. When you see for yourself that someone is being influenced and much of their outlook and behavior is shaped by one of these pictures, you begin to wonder. Are my pictures manipulating me?

These pictures, their emotion/charge and the influence they hold over someone is what a psychic sees. We look to find freedom inside us while not doing fortune telling!

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