What Do Psychics See? Matching Pictures – Part 3 of 4

Working mental image pictures in your space requires several processes and techniques. Maybe the most important is having the patience to allow a natural unraveling to occur. Your picture universe was built over this and other lifetimes. When you attempt to change it immediately, this actually impedes your progress.

Why is this? Let’s explore a typical awakening where one sees how a particular picture was unknowingly edged into their space. For an example, consider seeing this picture in someone else’s space:

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

What you might actually see (clairvoyantly) is an image of a little girl. You notice she clenches her fists, lowers her head and shrinks both in energy and physical posture. You observe that she is holding something in and does it because she has decided to take the high road and not lash out verbally.

In response to seeing this picture, you are reminded of times when you held your tongue and how it now feels like a form of self-repression. Let’s say it stirs inside you a bit of self-betrayal for not speaking your truth in the past. The knee-jerk response would be to attack that “don’t say anything at all” picture. Then, remove it from your space as fast as you can. In psychic-speak we would say, “You are lit up on this picture.”

In the immediate moment of this experience, you would probably be consumed, maybe even outraged. Remembering a particular moment in your life where you censored yourself can stir bad feelings. At this exact instant, you have reached the Holy Grail for doing clairvoyant readings. You have found a matching picture in your space while doing a reading on someone else.

This notion of triggering a response that brings to your attention a past memory/experience is the point of doing psychic readings. To become conscious of energy conditions (pictures) in your space that 5 minutes earlier you were completely unaware of is the purpose, form and function of doing clairvoyant work.

Most revealing about the “aha” moment illustrated above is not discovery of the self-censorship picture. The deep work occurs when choosing what to do next. Normal inclination is an immediate knee-jerk, gasping of your breath “Get that out of me!”

Yet in this moment, your spiritual fitness and training come into play to determinedly do nothing. Nothing except experience what you are experiencing. The analytical explanation goes this way; it has been inside for so long that a few more minutes aren’t going to kill you.

Energetically, what you are really looking to tune into is what other picture(s) may be lurking.

Usually they are a little deeper and originally allowed the “don’t say anything” picture to find a place inside you. Since it is in your space you are in agreement on some level to have this picture be important. The real key to healing yourself is to see what picture(s) are in the agreement energy.

There is a difference between removing the first picture ASAP versus waiting to discover other, deeper pictures. It is like pulling the weeds from the top or digging down below to make sure you get the roots so the weeds just don’t grow back.

In the next installment, we’ll look at what to do regarding the agreements, the pictures and what to do when they are highly charged with emotion and energy.

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