Were We Lovers in a Past Life? Psychic Love Connections and Spiritual Soul Mates

Were we together in a past life? Is my boyfriend, husband or lover my true spiritual soul mate? Are psychic love connections possible… and if so, HOW so? Are twin flames real… or just wishful thinking, and new age nonsense? Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some of the signs you may have been lovers in a past life, and are psychically and spiritually connected in THIS one as well! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

What is a psychic love connection, anyway?

The 6th sense that you are connected to another person in a way that transcends words, or goes above and beyond the common ways people communicate. For example, many twins are known to feel “sympathetic” pain when the other is ill or injured. They often describe feeling, sensing and “knowing” things about the other, even when separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles. And most incredibly, these psychic sensations and connections take place, EVEN in cases where the twins didn’t even KNOW they had a twin yet.

Of course while twins are some of the more extraordinary examples of this sort of connection, there are plenty of examples of similar psychic connections between mothers and their children, ordinary siblings and of course, husbands, wives, lovers and others connected in a more conventional romantic sense.

Q: How can I tell if my current lover was also a partner in a previous lifetime as well?

Some people have shared memories with their partners that precede a current lifetime or incarnation. For example, if you have recurring memories of being in another culture, country or even century of human history, and those memories INCLUDE events and experiences with your partner, that is a pretty compelling sign. But, if your PARTNER has the same independent memories, and you can share details of these “dreams” in way that validates your own private experiences, it’s a very strong sign of a psychic link between you, and quite possibly… a “karmic” connection as well.

Some of the ways that you can validate a karmic connection or shared past life memory?

– Journaling can be a great tool for not only recall, but for comparing and contrasting your memories to see what elements are consistent between both of your past life experiences.

– Certain types of meditation, especially those that use visualization, can be a great way to go back in time together, and “re-live” and often resolve karmic issues that many couples carry from lifetime to lifetime as well.

– Past life regression can be a fun thing to do, too! (just remember to only work with a qualified regression therapist if you go this route)

– Past life psychic readings, done together… or independently can also be a ton of fun, and offer an inexpensive and inspiring experience for past life recall, and for confirming your connection to another person as a spiritual soulmate or twin flame connection. (a third party, especially a psychic or intuitive who specializes in past lives, can offer a lot of extra validation that you may not get on your own)

Remember, if you DO believe that we are bigger than our bodies, and that spiritual dimensions are real, it follows that each of us has a purpose, a path and a plan. And because none of us walk this road in life alone, it follows that we are gifted with others to join us as we go, grow and flow in the direction of our spiritual destiny!

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