Wendi friesen remote seduction CD review

The CD contains two guided meditation by Wendi Friesen, this CD is about sending energy or good vibes to someone you like, you can use this CD with a friend that severed friendship with you, to your enemy, to your boss and co-worker, to your pet, to someone ill, to your children or anyone else.

It is not really a pickup tool the first track – Energizing Your Power of Desire (21:28) –  will guide you to build an energy ball with your thoughts, energy and intent in it. The message should be loving in nature, usually the result show up rather quickly in days, I used that track to meet someone I lost  contact with and  I meet the person only after a few sessions, another time I used that track to meet someone else I had my result in hours.

Toward the end of the session Wendi guide you to be surrounded with light and make some healing on yourself, there are also many suggestions to make you more and more telepathic as you use this CD.

The second track is called – Illuminate Your Lover’s Passion (25:25) – It will help you to connect more with the person you have chosen, Wendi will guide to build a ball of energy with loving vibes in it, you will send this energy to the person, later in the exerice you will project you and the other person inside that bubble of light and share the energy together make a deeper link or connection, toward the end of the exercise you step out outside the bubble of light and you send it to the other person, Wendi gives you instruction to transmit only positive thoughts and energies the rest will be blocked out.

The Wendi Remote Seduction is a good CD that gives rapid result you can get it for $19.90 dollars at Wendi website.

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