Ways To Develop Clairvoyance – How To Use Meditation To Develop Psychic Powers

So you’ve got clairvoyant abilities and you’re looking for a way to give them a bit of a work out and develop them into the strong force that they are capable of becoming. There are some proven techniques that work for developing inner powers and ways to develop clairvoyance. There are many ways to develop clairvoyance, but of them, the best of the ways to develop clairvoyance is definitely through meditation.

The very first technique that is most important in the development of clairvoyant abilities is meditation. Meditation is not as simple as some might believe. It is essential to develop the power to quiet the mind and keep it still so that it is possible to receive the messages that the clairvoyant powers are trying to give you.

When practicing meditation it is most important that you find a suitable location where you will not be disrupted. It is best to use candlelight and perhaps some incense to create a more spiritual mood in the chosen meditation spot. It is very important that meditation be viewed as the spiritual exercise that it is. The reason that this is such a powerful way to develop clairvoyance is that it is truly a spiritual experience, which many people forget or do not recognize at the time.

Now that you have found your spot and have created the mood for introspective meditation, find a place to sit comfortably. The spine should be held upright and it is typical to close your eyes. Breathe deeply through the nose and concentrate on relaxing. Focus on each part of your body and feel it relax as your breath moves in and out through your nose. If your mind begins to wander just focus it back on your breathing. Completely concentrate on the act of breathing and relax.

Once the relaxation begins to kick in, focus your attention on the area between the eyebrows. This is often referred to as the third eye. This is the center of clairvoyant activity. While focusing on this area it is common that people begin to experience a tingling sensation or a warming sensation in that spot. This is your clairvoyance beginning to become active. These powers will become stronger when beginning to experiment with more ways to develop clairvoyance, but for now, concentrate on mastering meditation, since that is a key component of all of the ways to develop clairvoyance.

Imagine a flower in that spot. See its color and beauty. Imagine its fragrant aroma. It can be very difficult to visualize a specific item while meditating. Your mind will at times wander away from what you are trying to see. It is very important in the development of clairvoyant abilities to work on developing this ability to concentrate and visualize.

Practice this visualization every day until it is possible to bring about any image you wish to see quickly and at any time. You are strengthening your ability to visualize and concentrate. This is a very important step when you are exploring ways to develop clairvoyance.

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