Visualization – Why a Whopping 89 Percent Can't Figure This Out!

Recent studies lead me to believe that there’#8217;s a
Visualization Outbreak spreading at Record-Breaking speed. Close your
blinds, lock your door, and light up your cigar. This will be

There are rumors going around about Integrating
these 2 things: Visualization and Hypnosis, to Triple the effects of
Manifesting, designing your life Ahead of Time. An average of 89%
believe their head will explode the next time they practice the Art of
Visualization. I was once amongst the 89%.

Let’#8217;s take a moment of Silence.

suggested you take a moment of silence because like Manifesting,
Visualization requires space. Silence is space from sound. And
according to Quantum Physics, this gigantic Universe is 99% space. But
let’#8217;s not elaborate on that in this article for I know you are
patiently waiting for me to reveal how hypnosis is relevant to
Visualization and the dramatic Effect it Will have in your Manifesting.

and hypnosis are both scientifically connected. Both practices are
Specifically designed to change your Mind. Did you get it?
Visualization and hypnosis are both designed to change your mind with
the intent to change your world. Whenever you have intentions on
changing your mind you intend to change your life experience. Just like
you can change your mind in a heart beat, you can actually change your
world just as easily.

That’#8217;s where Visualization and hypnosis
come in to play. Just like the goateed hypnotist with his black magic
wand can program your mind to think you’#8217;re a chicken and make you
wobble like a penguin all in a matter of seconds, your desires can
manifest just as quickly. Like anything else, there’#8217;s a process of
advancement that takes place before this result can be experienced.

hypnosis, visualization triggers an Effect that bypasses the conscious
mind and penetrates the subconscious with an Intent or message. This
results in Manifestation. This brief description of how manifestations
are formed shadows the many complexities of it.

Imagine you’#8217;re
walking down a grassy meadow. The sound of crisp grass pressing against
your feet with each step sends a sharp Surge of Electric energy up your
spine. This stops you in your tracks and instantly you realize you have
Special Powers. You suddenly have a Visualization of the tremendous
impact you will Now have on the world. Now act like an Elephant!

How real did that feel? Are you acting like an elephant?

are if you aren’#8217;t acting like one, then your conscious mind interfered
and overrode your belief that you were an elephant. Your conscious mind
had final authority. And if you didn’#8217;t Feel the Electric Surge up your
spine, same scenario. Often you hear people suggesting you try
affirmations. But affirmations rely on your conscious belief in them
which results in massive error in your visualization.

It’#8217;s hard
for most to visualize being Extraordinarily Wealthy and well off when
they know they are extraordinarily broke. Eighty Nine Percent are NOT

Aware of what?

They aren’#8217;t aware that there’#8217;s a much
simpler way to Manifest their visualizations. Combining hypnosis and
visualization in one stroke is the Secret! Be informed that you are
already combining the two in your everyday life. You self-hypnotize
yourself whenever you aren’#8217;t consciously aware of a visualization you
are having when your conscious mind is occupied with something else.
That’#8217;s why your Manifestations don’#8217;t add up with what you are Intending
to Manifest.

Their lies the Ah Ha Moment!

I’#8217;ve had the
privilege to meet Valerie Dawson, an Ingenious Counselor and
Hypnotherapist that’#8217;s one of her kind. She designed the ultimate tool
for sending Crystal Clear visualizations to your subconscious mind,
causing something Spectacular to occur. It triggers something in your
mind that allows you to Actually believe in your Visualizations. Change
starts from the inside out. Working with your subconscious mind without
conscious interference is the secret.

wouldn’#8217;t recommend visiting her site if you aren’#8217;t 110% prepared to
believe in your Visualization and Manifest your dreams once in for all.
But just in case, you can find it here.

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