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Vedic Astrology Lesson 10

\ “Oriente Lux Occidente Lex \ ” ( Out of the East Light, out of the West
Laws ) – thus proclaimed the Latin scholars. The Orient became
synonymous with Light and Wisdom. The Occident with laws &
conquest of the outer world. The West still dominates the fields of Science,
Technology & Economics. The East was far more bothered about
conquering the inner world: for the greatest conquest is the conquest
of the Mind ! \ ” The noblest conquest is the conquest of oneself \ ” said
Buddha. This inner conquest means to sublimate our ego, conquer
our negative aspect and then redeem the world ! This is far more
difficult than conquering the outer world !

The role of Mars in Horoscopy

Mars is the Defense Minister in the Government of the Almighty. On the
practical plane this fiery planet is the significator of administrative
ability. If the fire of Mars is not present in the natal chart, the native
will be a dreamer, lacking in the practical brilliance needed for success.

The term martial is derived from Mars. Police,defence, martial arts –
all these come under his domain. Fiery temparament and skill in war
are the prerogatives of Mars. If he be exalted in one’#8217;s horoscope,
the native will become a cruel ruler ( as in Emperor Nero’#8217;s horoscope).

Martian Effects in the 12 Houses

Mars in the Ascendant

Mars in the Ascendant makes anger-prone and fiery. May have
suffered some wounds in the body. Wont have much longevity.
Will be suffering from one ailment or the other. Will be fickle-
minded. Will be adventurous and cruel.

Mars in the Second House

Will have less wealth. Less education also. Will be serving people
who are evil. Will be argumentative. This position of Mars is not
good from the perspective of wealth and learning. All malefic
planets in the second are adverse for wealth.

Mars in the Third House

Will be very adamantine. Will be very adventurous and will be
the enjoyer of wealth , fame & all sorts of comforts. Will be
versatile. Will have good longevity.Will have a tendency to go
against Ethics & Morality.

Mars in the Fourth House

Will be devoid of relatives, houses, landed properties, maternal
happiness & conveyances. Will be subject to the influence of
women. Will be mentally tortured all the time.

Mars in the Fifth House

Will be devoid of sons, comforts & wealth.Will face a lot of calamities
and will be slightly famous. Will be fickle-minded. Will go against
Ethics & Morality. Will be adventurous & anger-prone.

Mars in the Sixth House

Will have a sound physique and good health. Will be the vanquisher
of enemies in the battle field. Wont have much fear in the mind. Will
have tremendous lust, fame & regal status.

Mars in the Seventh House

Will be indulging in unethical acts. Will be devoid of marital happiness.
Will be quarrelsome. Will be afflicted by many a disease. Life partner
will also be afflicted. Will be cruel-hearted.

Mars in the Eighth House

Will be afflicted in the body & mind. Will be devoid of wealth. Will have
less longevity. Will have less Dharma & Ethics in the mind.

Mars in the Ninth House

Will go against father& will be violent. Will harass people. Will be
a lover of the Occult . Will have occult power.

Mars in the Tenth House

Will have regal status. Will be very adventurous and enthusiastic.
Will be revered by the good. Will have good sons, fame & wealth.

Mars in the Eleventh House

Will have sons, wealth, comforts, prosperity, virility & determination.
Will have a lot of subordinates. Will be truly versatile. Will have the
gift of the gab or the divine gift of articulate speech.

Mars in the Twelfth House

Will have affliction to the eyes. Will be lazy. Will suffer economic
loss. May have to undergo incarceration.Will be sorrowful & health
will be adversely affected. Will be miserly.

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Astrology and the Science of Numbers ( Numerology )

All the mysteries of the Universe, said Pythagorus, can be represented
by numbers. When we say philosophically that our bodies belong to
the Universal Sea of Matter and that it is One, Reality can be represented
by One. Or when we say the oceans of Matter, Mind and Consciousness
are three, we represent Reality by three. Or when we say Reality is
sevenfold, manifesting as the septenary principles ( VIBGYOR, the
seven octaves of music, the seven states of Consciousness, the seven
tissue elements etc ), we represent Reality by Seven. Numerology , is in
other words, the symbolism of Reality by numbers.

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Correspondence between Astrology & Gem Therapy

Howard Beckman ( writes that \ “Natural, untreated
gemstones which are repositories of cosmic colors can restore Pranic
Energy to the cells of the body so that their natural vibratory rate may
be regained and normal health may be regained when the body is in a
diseased condition. Blue Sapphire can tranquilize or have a sedative
effect; emerald can be used as an analgesic; yellow sapphire has anti-
septic properties; and diamond may be used as a stimulant – these are
just a few examples of how gems can effetc the healing process in the
body \ ” ( Howard Beckman – Vibrational Healing with Gems )

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Astrology , Holistic Medicine & Ayurveda

Social life in the West increasingly stressful with the advent of
rapid industrialization, urbanization & the breakdown of family
life after the Second World War. The social disturbance caused
by the Vietnam war, the propagation of materialistic ideals &
the erosion of faith in Morality & Ethics brought a sense of futility
& meaninglessness in the Western psyche. The disillusionment
with the promises of Science & technology, the limitations of
the Western system of chemotherapy & the adverse side-effects
of antibiotics, sedatives and certain other drugs made the West turn
to Oriental philosophies, divine practices & systems of therapy.

Holistic Health refers to a modern movement which regards health as
a dynamic state of the total human being. Although the symptoms of
a disease may be found in certain tissues or organs, health is not a
mere removal of such symptoms by the treatment of the affected
tissues or organs, but a state of multidimensional experience,
according to this perspective. The mind, body & environment are
in a state of dynamic interaction & the maintenance of this interaction
in a maximal state of efficiency is what health means. In other words
\ “To be healthy is to have the ability, despite an occasional bout of
illness, to live with full use of our faculties and be vigorous, alert and
happy to be alive, even in old age.\ ” This concept of operational
health has been termed as wellness. It is a sense of all-round

Sir William Osler’#8217;s advice that Whole is more important than the Part
( that the patient who has the disease is more important than the disease
of the patient ) is reminiscent of Plato – \ ” No treatment of the parts
should be attempted without treatment of the entirety\ “. ( Plato;’#8217; The
State’#8217; ,380 Ante Domino ) The horoscope represents the Whole
and the 12 houses are the 12 limbs of the body.

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Ayurveda, Tai Chi,Yoga Therapy, Pranic Healing, Reflexology, Reiki,
Acupuncture are all included amongst the 70 systems of Alternative
Medicine which are prevalent today.

The Ayurvedic Model

In the Ayurvedic Model, the planets are classified thus

Jupiter Kapha
Sun Pitta
Moon Vata & Kapha
Mars Pitta
Mercury Pitta, Vata & Kapha
Venus Vata & Kapha
Saturn Vata

Based on the great Sankhya school of Indian philosophy, Ayurveda
conceives life as the interplay of three life principles called humours
( which correspond to the three Gunas of Sankhya – Sattwa, Rajas
and Thamas ). These are Vata ( wind), Pitta( bile) & Kapha ( phlegm).
Equilibrium of the three humours is considered as health and any
disturbance in that equilibrium is regarded as disease. One of the
three humours will be predominant in the body. Hence human
bodies have been classified under three types: Vata type,
Pitta type & Kapha type.The body constitution is taken into account
while prescribing diet and medicine.

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Astrology , Yoga & Pranic Healing

Yoga is the science of holistic health. According to Yoga therapy,
disease was defined as an imbalance in any of the three lower
sheaths of existence – physical, vital & mental. The other sheaths are
the higher sheaths – intellectual & bliss sheaths. To attain higher
states of Consciousness, we should keep our lower & higher
sheaths in proper balance and use our higher sheaths.

Removing mental blocks is a major step in Pranic Therapy.

Removing Mental Blocks

Due to the presence of obstructions within, the Cosmic Energy
called Prana does not flow freely within the individual & the Universal
life. This is the main reason holistic health practices often fail
or succeed only partially. These obstructions are caused by
Samskaras, residual traces of our past actions and experiences.
Samskaras are of two kinds, those which only produce memories
( smriti ) of past experiences and those which produce impulses or
drives to repeat these experiences called vasanas Complex
patterns of love, hate, fear and other emotions are generated
by these psychic memories.. These complexes do obstruct
the free flow of Life energy in us.

These complexes, formed in childhood & adolescence are
repressed into the unconscious regions of the mind & these
repressed samskaras lodged in the hidden recesses of the
unconscious go on creating psychological & psychosomatic

Without a Guru, it is difficult to confront & ferret out these repressed
complexities. It is not easy to encounter the past experiences and
deactivate them.The true mystic who depends only on Divine Power
may find that these inner blocks are removed by Divine Grace.

Astro-Therapy helps in removing mental blocks. By taking recourse to
remedial measures, faith and Grace Divine allows the horoscopian to
overcome the mental blocks & negative planetary influences.

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Astrology & Occult Vibratory Chemistry ( Tantra )

Occult Vibratory Chemistry existed in India by the name of Tantra.
Tantras developed a different but parallel model of human personality
Whereas Vedanta & Yoga speak of Five Sheaths or Koshas, the
Tantras speak of six chakras.

In the Tantric Model, life is regarded as the unfolding of the Self at six
different levels of consciousness known as Chakras. In ordinary people
the unfolding takes place only at the first three chakras which represent
procreation, metabolism & speech; the higher three chakras remain
latent . The awakening of the higher chakras results in the unfolding
and fulfillment of spiritual life. The Heart Chakra ( Anahata ), the Throat
Chakra ( Vishuddhi ) & the Eye Brow Chakra ( Ajna ) are the higher
chakras, which when awakened, can lead man to Cosmic Consciousness.

Sir John Woodroffe was a researcher in Tantra and he had written many
scholarly books on the subject. His magnum opus is the \ “Serpent Power\ “,
which is a scientific treatise about the Kundalini, the feminine serpentine
energy present in humans.

Yantras are diagramatic patterns about Manifestation. The Central Dot
or the Bindu represents the Absoulte Self and the geometrical figures
are Its different levels of manifestation.

The main remedies used in Astro-Therapy are Tantric. Hence Tantra
continues to be a close affiliate of Astrology.

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