Vedic Astrology 19

Vedic Astrology Lesson 19

The rising of the New Age marked the renaissance of Astrology &
Alternative Sciences. More and more people are now diverting from
Astronomy to Astrology, from Chemistry to Alchemy, from Allopathy
to Alternative Medicine ! The very fact that there are 600,000
New Age sites on the Web proves the veracity of our statement !

Regarding the Fifth House

The Fifth House represents progeny and divine merit. I Q is ruled by the
fifth house.The placement of the Fifth lord in a benefic Sign makes the
native intelligent and meritorious.The reverse may happen if the fifth lord
is weak or is placed in malefic Signs.

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Ascendant

Since the 5th lord is in the ascendant the native will be lucky regarding
investments and children.He/she will get happiness from children. They
will establish their scholastic abilities in whatever profession they
choose. They will command a number of servants & will have punitive
powers They will be successes in speculative ventures.

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Second House

Since the 5th lord is in the 2nd, gains from speculation indicated.
The native may attain to fame & status at the international level based
on his/her background. He/she will hit headlines of the media one day.
They tend to become overconfident & proud because of the achievements
of their children.Will have a beautiful partner and well behaved kids.
Leadership qualities and initiative are strong in them. They tend to lead
by example.Their sons may shine in their fields & they get the benefit

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Third House

Since the 5th lord is in the 3rd, the native will have tremendous comm-
nication ability. The native’#8217;s approach to finance may be misunderstood
as he/she follows the principle “Economy is prudence “. They also know
that they have been misunderstood. But their children later find
that they are not such misers as was thought earlier. They dont
want to take chances with the security of their children. Their
arguments for economic prudence may be right but they have to
incorporate altruism for divine reasons.

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Fourth House

Since the 5th lord is in the 4th, native will be a money earner
right from boyhood.He/she will be living in a luxurious building with
beautiful surroundings for their children to enjoy. Mother will
have good longevity. They are domineering, aggressive & extravagant.
They will accept any suggestion which is Truth personified even
if it comes from the mouths of babes and sucklings. They may have
more daughters than sons. Dogmas irritate them. They become rich due
to investments & speculation. They follow the adage “You cannot
accumulate if you don’#8217;t speculate “.

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Fifth House

As the 5th lord is in the 5th, native will have happiness from
children. He/she lives dangerously and likes thrills and excitement.
They are sincere and free from hypocrisy.They are so much mature &
full of wisdom that their children can lean on them during times of
adversity.They will have children who achieve greatness in their prof-
essional spheres. They gain from children even economically.
Great sons take care of their every need.

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Sixth House

Since the 5th lord is in 6th, problems relating to one of the sons
likely. Problems may be plenty since they are not assertive enough.
Children get the wrong impression that they do not love them.Kindness
and tenderness can prevent future tears. Children pose problems.
Losses can accrue if they indulge in speculation. They may have to
face problems regarding investments since the 5th rules investments.

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Seventh House

Since the 5th lord is in the 7th native will be known for his/her
public relations. They are basically altruists. One son will go abroad
& attain fame and wealth. They are affectionate & their children are
provided with practically everything even though it is beyond their means.
They are careful not to be misunderstood by others, particularly by
members of family. They will have a spouse who is cordially disposed.
Since 5th lord is the owner of a trine in a quadrant, this is a powerful
position for both gains from spouse and children.

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Eighth House

Since the 5th lord is in the 8th, the happiness from progeny will
be below expected standards. They may be beset with cough
and lung disorders. They will realise that their dictatorial
tendencies have an adverse effect on the children. Parental
property may not be retained. Speculations can be disastrous.
They should be careful about jumping into investments.Children
pose problems. Stay away from gambling race courses & stock
markets. Eschew evil & sinful acts.

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Ninth House

Since 5th lord is in the 9th native will be recognised as a new
star who zoomed on the family firmament and he/she will be treated
like a prince. He/she will have innate abilities to be an author. They
enjoy being with children and it will inspire them to reach dizzy
heights. One of their children will reach a high state as an author or
orator. They will be blessed with fortunate children.

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Tenth House

The 5th lord in the10th itself is a Raja Yoga and the native will be
a powerful individual in many respects. He/she will have fortunate
children. One of their sons will be renowned and will be the cyno-
sure of all eyes. They are feared & respected by members of their
family. One of their sons may join the investigative department.
Professional reputation and enhancement will be theirs.

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Eleventh House

Since the 5th lord is in the 11th, the native will be a renowned author
He/she will be learned and will be the darling of the crowd. They will
develop their literary talent to such an extent that they become
known and famous in academic circles. They are capable of building
a secure and luxurious future for their children.Their children will
benefit by their camaraderie and intellectual involvement with them.
They will feel proud of their children later on. Later on their chi-
ldren bring them all that they want as they become successful.

The Effect of the Fifth Lord in the Twelfth House

Since the 5th lord is in the 12th, it is quite likely that the native
may derive unhappiness from children. He/she should be prepared to
face problems associated with them. They are at times stubborn &
purblind & impetous. Children normally demand an abnormal amount
of freedom which they are not ready to give. Their determination
which becomes obstinate at times creates panic at home.The wise
ones have warned that a blend of these traits can create havoc
and hence should be meticulously balanced. Eventually they will
lead a life of detachment and attain to Self Actualisation.

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Astrology & Astro-Numerology

The Science of Numbers, Numerology, was used from time
immemorial for fortune in lottery, jackpot and the stock
market. Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding
number and numbers, if used properly, can act as bringers
of fortune. Every man has a favourable number called the
Fadic Number which corresponds to a planet !

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Astrology & Astro-Gemology

Eminent Gemologist Richard Shaw Brown states in his book ” Astral
Gemstones and Talismans ” that the true science of Planetary Gemology
is still practised by Asian and some Western astrologers. The ancient
system of Pancha_Amrita ( the Five Immortal Nectars ) is based on the
simple combination of the planetary gemstone, metal, herb, symbol and
number which corresonds to the planet that is to be enhanced. The invocation
of the planetary energy by means of a sound invocation and prayer is the
Sixth Amrita whereby the mind uses special sound vibrations.

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Ebooks by G Kumar

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Synastry or Compatibility between Couples.

Some Stars are found to be compatible and some are not.
Mars in the Seventh and Eighth for females was considered to be
Martian Affliction ( Kuja Dosha ) and if the male horoscope do not
have a Martian Affliction in the Seventh, synastry or compatibilty
was found to be zero !

In some civilizations, horoscope matching was a prerequisite for
marriage and bridegrooms/brides were selected according to
astrological matching principles. Large matrimonial databases
are found to be very useful for people looking out for partners!

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Astrology & the Fourfold Yoga ( The Science of Cosmic Union )

Yoga Therapy lays prime emphasis on the Tripod of Life – Body, Mind
and Being.

Transcendental Philosophy postulates that the Ultimate Reality is hidden
behind this world of Appearance. It is hidden, hidden and hidden. How do
we unite with it ? The path is the Fourfold Yoga, the scientia ultima, or
the Ultimate Science ! By going deep within ( “Within, within and within “
said the mystic Ward ), one becomes aware of the Silence which is our Base!

I am the Silence which is more than Sound !
If therewithin thou lose thee, thou art found !
The Nameless, Shoreless Ocean which is I,
Thou canst not breathe, but in its bosom drowned !

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Astrology & Occult Vibratory Chemistry ( Tantra )

The Ultimate Reality represented by geometrical patterns ? That is
what Tantra is all about. The Central Dot or the Bindu represent the
Regal Self and the circles, the triangles, the rectangles and the lotuses
the different Energy Centres in the body. Yantras are mystical diagrams
representing the Master Plan of Manifestation !

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Astrology & Quantum ( Holistic ) Medicine

In her essay ” The Healing Center “, Eleanor Foster writes that the
Healing Center is within us. “I am a psychotherapist and I sit with
my clients and hear their pain clearly and freshly as I can, sometimes
it enters my body. Then I must breathe deeply and find my own
stillness. I want to help them, but I know that I am not the healer.
I do not believe that in the end their healing will come from anyone
outside themselves. I can only turn them towards their own Healing
Center “

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Books – The rise and flow of of Eternal Wisdom

Books are the legacies which writers leave to mankind. Books represent
the collective wisdom of mankind.

Age is not a factor in writing books. Did not Chaucer and Goethe write
when they were past their prime ?

Chaucer at Woodstock with the nightingales
At sixty wrote the Canterbury Tales !
Goethe at Weimar, toiling to the last,
Completed Faust when eighty years were past !