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radionic box

radionic box

The first time I picked up a professional radionic box (that was year 1999), I frowned. It didn’t make sense. Six dials, colored gemstones and  plates.

How in the world could that frakensteinian assortment of radioshack parts grant wishes? The thing looked like a science project gone haywire!

My rational mind dismissed it as junk and the unit lay unused for a few days.

A week passed and I decided that letting the sad little box go unused would be a shame. I owned it; why not use it?

So, I dropped my doubt for a minute (just a full minute) and visualized in very vivid pictures an image of myself on a winning streak.  I conjured a full motion picture of lady luck drawing in all manner of good fortune and piling it on my lap . I sealed the fantasy with arbitrary radionic rates: 777.  (I sucked at the stickpad)

Then I snapped out of it. What craziness was I doing?? Did anyone see me?? God how embarrasing!

Oh well. I walked off and thought nothing of it.


That evening I visited the casino at Paranaque with friends. Lots of expats milled around. High rollers here and there. I ignored them and went straight for the slots.

What happened next ten minutes threw me. Investing $30, I found myself counting $150 worth of winning chips at the window.  I pinched myself thrice.

Still giddy at this win, I ambled to assorted table games.  Betting conservatively, I won, game after game after game. Two or three losses, but the general trend was constant success!

This stupefied me. Did that box really help me do this? In all my life, I never experienced constant wins at chance games, hence my propensity to bet low, lose it all, and just have fun.

That evening changed my whole perception towards radionics. I beheld the technology with awe and wonderment. Here was a tool seemingly more powerful than the symbols, herbs and chemicals that I secretly dabbled with  in chaos magick (which barely worked by the way).

And to think that first box didn’t have a single chi generator in it.

This was all a leap of faith of course. Maybe the box didn’t help at all. Maybe I was destined to be lucky that evening. Perhaps the casino forgot to rig the slots. Or maybe the box DID help my soul seduce lady luck into showing me the gold….

Being irrational and rich that night, I chose the latter explanation.

Months passed.  I eventually discovered enhanced versions of radionic technologies from various big names. Jonathan Goldman. Ernie Vega. Don Croft.  Alan Trodi. Karl Welz. Steven Gibbs. Copen Labs.  Collecting became a hobby.

I owned two or three from virtually every major manufacturer. Each came with proprietary technologies… from Goldman’s “mana block” to Welz’s EMF pulsed orgonite.

Now, regardless of the inherent technology, I came to realize that the true power of radionic manifestation lies within the operator. These boxes provide the fuel. The mind provides the action-at-a-distance. Both mind and box work with synergy.

The following are the best manifestation practices I compiled over years of toying with these tools

Have faith in yourself, not the box. These things have no intelligence. Realize that you act upon reality and create self-fulfilling prophecies with your expectations.

  • Radionics provide  220V pure power  for the mind. It “freezes” expectations in concrete symbols using pictures, dials and samples. Freezing frees the mind from the need to constantly focus.
  • Manifestation demands very vivid, emotionally charged images of the trends or desires. By “images”, it can be a Visual Image, where you  see precisely what you want. It can also be a Feeling Image, whereby your gut feels precisely the intent that you nurture.
  • For manifestation to occur unobstructed, the practitioner must have full conviction that his desire is already occuring as he programms it. He fills himself with faith that he is deserving of what he is after. Doubt kills manifestation. The chi enhances this doubt.
  • Reality is best manipulated when coercion is none-existent in the programming process. It is best to phrase/envision trends positively. For instance, one can chant “Let the best possibile deal for both parties come about.” Positive manifesting finds less opposition from entities that may rebel.
  • Eliminate neediness from manifestation. A mind-set of nonchalance fully releases the creative energy into the universe. Remember what happens when you clutch sand too tightly?
  • Finally, always be aware that radionic manifestation is a tool to shift probabilities. The energy you send out influences events to a certain extent. But shifting events is never a 100% deal. Whatever you’re after may be in direct contradiction with the desires of another. This and many other factors can hinder full realization of the programming. In this case, it may be better to target other objectives.www.Xtrememind.com