Unleashing the Power of Chi

nd Control

What is Chi? Techniques and mind control\ “>

Chi is the etheric energy that pervades all livings things. Chi\
comes in all color types and can be utilized for healing, thought
projection and psychic assault. White chi is the most complex
form. Individually colored chi serve as the components of complex white
chi. Properly harnessed, chi can be accumulated and
transformed into psychic maces, ethereal surgical implements and
thought carriers. The possibilities reach infinity.
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use of chi transcends millenia. As early as 2000BC, accupuncturists
discovered the vital bodily chi flows which could be manipulated for
health reasons. Immediately thereafter, branches of martial arts
developed warfare purposes of chi. The most popular include Aikido,
Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chu’#8217;an. Other more esoteric disciplines, like Qi
Gong, can even transform the energy field around a warrior into solid
matter for shielding against lethal strikes!
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scientists realized that chi can be focused into machines called orgone
generators, and projected into disks which can heal ailing organs. The
pioneer in this field is Karl Welz.
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nonetheless, is easily manipulated with the mind alone. Needles,
whirling disks and machines are optional. This primer quickly teaches
utter beginners the basic principles for harnessing chi. Proceed with
caution. The succeeding sections contain knowledge that can be easily
perverted for evil.
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Using Chi

Chi can energize all your desires and affect reality to manifest your dreams. Chi is instantly! Advanced ki and mind control disciplines\ “> the
building block of all energy and matter, without which there is no
life. Chi is an eternal energy that straddles the material and
spiritual planes. This energy is not really spiritual as most arcane\ masters have proposed, but
a hybrid of both. To use Chi, you must be able to visualize
very well. The key to using Chi is to tap your chakras. These are
glowing balls of chi processors that are as much part of you as your
appendages are. Chakras exist alongside every major organ in your body.
Visualize each as a swirling ball of sizzling energy. This is where you
are going to draw your energy from. To use Chi, you must visualize
drawing energy into your chakra, and projecting it out of your body the
way you want it to. The best Chi technique to utilize for practice is
the Chi Sphere Formation.. Visualize the energy in your palm chakras
slowly coalescing. Feel each palm sucking in tremendous amounts of
energy from the surroundings. Now cup your hands 4 inches apart as if
you were holding a ball. Visualize your energy intensifying and
collecting, then coming out of your palms. Make the energy come out of
each hand as a focused beam. Allow the beams to swirl around each other
into a sphere. After a while, you should feel a forcible push in
between your hands. The pressure will build and cause a throbbing
sensation. This is how you use Chi
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Basic Chi Practice

Earth Core Grounding:

in an erect position. Feel your weight settle comfortably then allow
your body to relax. Visualize tendrils shooting froth from your feet
and tunneling into the earth’#8217;s core. Allow the roots the sop in massive
amounts of earth chi. See the chi enter your roots and rise up your
body while simultaneously seeing your own energy shoot down into the
earth. You will be firmly \ “locked\ ” into the earth’#8217;s core energy and
almost impervious to external chi attacks. Take this pose when
preparing to defend yourself, project healing energy or emanate chi
driven thoughts.

Chi Sphere Formation

your hands and focus on the center of each palms. Visualize the two
swirling balls of light. Each palm has a chakra which activates when
you direct attention to it. Now, allow it to fully open by seeing both
balls tear apart and spray our rays of light. Your palms will pulsate
with energy and quickly acquire an itchy sensation. Your chakras are
now activated. See both chakras project beams towards the center,
forming a chi ball.
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Chi Shielding:

can create an armor of chi that will naturally protect you from
negative energies and chi attacks. First, feel out the chi in your
body. Allow your breathing to slow as you notice the pressure within
your physical form. Now be aware of your solar plexus, the area at the
center of your chest. This houses a powerful chi generator. Rub your
solar plexus to heighten its sensation then visualize this chi
generator (a swirling ball) emanating chi energy and forming a large
sphere around your entire body. After five minutes you should
have created an entire outer shell around you. Now start filling the
space between your body and the outer shell with golden chi.
Accomplishing this, imagine the outer shell of the energized shield
turning in to hard impregnable diamond. The harder the concentration,
the more powerful the shield. Now, to enhance the power all
the more, visualize five concentric rings of sizzling white light
encircling the chi shell laterally. Send a mental thought to yourself
with the following theme, \ “I will continuously maintain this shield for
the next 24 hours\ “. In this manner, your subconscious will maintain the
chi generation and maintain the force surrounding your being.
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Chi / Pranic Healing:

any of the previous methods to absorb large quantities of chi energy.
Allow the build of chi till you feel an expansion or pressure upon your
skin. You have surplus chi for healing. From there, place your hands a
few inches above the injured part and allow white chi to flow from your
palms and into the ailing area. See the white energy eat away at the
dark muddy energies surrounding the pain. When the muddy
energies have been replaced with clear hues, the pain or ailment should
have disappeared.

Mind Shadowing: Keywords: advanced mind control techniques w/ chi

can nullify your own vibrations and thereby make yourself almost
invisible to perception. Have you ever walked silently into a room, and
yet for all your stealth, someone looks around and notices? Or maybe as
you are walking on a busy street and you stare at someone’#8217;s back, your
subject suddenly turns around and notices? This is because your thought
emanations reach out and alarm the psyche of the person within your
mental vibration range. To nullify your mental vibrations, you either
fill your mental visual screen with a black shroud and simultaneous
imagine a black curtain enveloping you. This energy frequency will
absorb all extraneous thought energy and prevent others from detecting
your presence or thought waves. Experiment on friends and quickly
realize how easy it is to now sneak up on them!

Telepathic Influence
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thought projection can be accomplished with the aid of chi. The
results, as you will quickly discover, are instantaneous.
More advanced techniques can be found in the Psychic Seduction manual,
but geared with the intent of sensual enticement.

project a basic emotion, such as love, you first acquire visual contact
of the person. Focus on the person. It doesn’#8217;t matter if he or she is
facing towards you. Now, release a golden tube of energy from the spot
between eye and connecting directly to a similar spot on hers. Once
accomplished, cast a massive golden globe around the both of you. The
colors of this globe should be vibrant and the energies free flowing.
Creating the tube and globe facilitates the transfer of energized
thoughts; you simply have to create the emotion you wish to transmit,
and see it rushing down the golden tube and into her mind. Once it
reaches her, she will comprehend the thought form.

telepathy can be accomplished over great distances, even planets apart.
Chi knows no boundaries and can propel images and emotions with proper

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