Unconditional Love Really Means Unconditional Radiance

The fastest way to raise your frequency is to do the job you were designed to do. You were designed to love. You were designed to radiate Love unconditionally. Now before you go, “Oh THAT again. I’ve tried loving unconditionally, and it is impossible,” you need to understand that what I’m saying is different. What I’m saying is that you are to love, plain and simple. Not love somebody. Not love something. Just to love. Okay, in a sense, you are to love somebody or something, but not in the ordinary sense. You are simply to love God.

You were designed to be a receiver and transmitter of Life Force, also known as Love. The ability to do that is hard-wired into your body-mind. But we have largely forgotten how that is designed to work, and confuse the act of loving with our personal relationships with other human beings. Loving is rightly an impersonal act. Now, I’m not saying that there can’t be a personal aspect to loving–of course there can and is. However, one of the things that stops us from doing what we are designed to do is that we tend to tie the act of loving–or not loving–into a recipient, or lack thereof.

There actually always is a recipient of your Love–it’s just probably a little different than you may have considered before. You were designed to participate in a mighty cycle of Love, issuing from God, returning to God. If you’ve read Recreating Eden, you know that there is a masculine aspect of God, and a feminine aspect. When you radiate Love, you are participating in the larger action of “Father God” (masculine, radiating aspect) loving “Mother God” (feminine, receiving aspect). Both at the macro level of God–God the Source–and the personal level–God In You, there is a radiation of Love and a receiving of Love between the masculine and feminine aspects. This is how it is designed to work: Source radiates, the feminine within you receives, the masculine within you radiates, Source receives and the cycle continues. The more dynamically the feminine and masculine within you participate in the larger cycle of God loving God, the higher your frequency and the more paradisiacal your life is.

In the process, the experience of Love in all Creation is increased. This is where the personal aspect of loving comes in. When you understand that God is in everyone and everything, you know that as you radiate Love unconditionally, and hold an entity in your consciousness, their experience of the Love increases. The only Love that we experience is of God, not of another person. When we feel Love from someone else–or think we do–it’s merely that the radiance from God In Them is catalyzing a greater experience of attunement with God In Us. It is attuning us with the mighty flow of Love that God radiates constantly. There is no Love but the Love of God, loving God.

Practically speaking, what we are called to do is to radiate Love the way that Source does. We are to radiate it whether or not we feel it is being received (it always is–just not necessarily consciously received by the object of your focus). We are called to radiate Love whether or not we believe someone “deserves” it: God always “deserves” it! Remember, you are not actually loving a person or a thing–you are loving God. You may feel fondness for the particular configuration of form that God has created in another person, but as for Love, you never get Love from outside yourself–when you experience Love, you are only experiencing the movement of Life Force through you. You are participating in the cycle of Love from God, to God.

We are called to radiate Love even when we feel we don’t we have it in us. But here’s a cool thing to know: while you can’t radiate Love unless you first receive it, the intention to radiate it will initiate the flow of Love to you from Source. As you may remember from Recreating Eden, the Adam in you–the inner masculine–may be holding the inner feminine–Eve–out of alignment. The easiest way to turn this around is for Adam to decide to consciously radiate Love. The act of doing so aligns both aspects of you the way that they were designed to be. When you engage your masculine, radiant aspect in the job it was designed for, that automatically puts Eve in the receptive position, and Adam in the radiating position. And the rest is as natural as breathing. Because it’s what you were designed to do, you were born knowing how to Love. Neat system, don’t you think?!

Yes, we are to radiate Love no matter what. Bad mood? Don’t feel like loving? The fastest way to raise your frequency upward out of less-than-joy–and to experience more Love, yourself–is to do what you are designed to do! We are to be as consistent and persistent at radiating Love as is God. What if God got in a snit and withheld Life Force/Love because we weren’t consciously open to receive it? The Whole of Creation would collapse! What if God withheld Life Force/Love because we weren’t aware or appreciating it? What if God withheld Life Force/Love because we were being jerks? Thankfully, God radiates Love impersonally, unfailingly, unconditionally. Love radiates from God whether we appreciate it or are unaware of it. Love radiates from Source regardless of what we do–or don’t do. When we intend to Love in the same constant and impersonal way as does God, the Source, and do so more and more, our journey home to the higher frequencies where ease and joy are the norms, is expedited exponentially. Indeed, unconditional radiance is the key to everything.

So, the next time someone cuts you off in traffic and you’re tempted to go into reverse polarity, withhold Love, and perhaps even actively focus the opposite of Love in the offender’s direction, understand that you are truly removing yourself from the flow of Life Force and Love, reducing your own frequency (and thus, the frequency of the Whole), and you are removing yourself from the cycle of God loving God that you were designed to facilitate. In such a situation, you are doing the exact opposite of what is needed–whenever there is disharmony, what is needed is not judgment and reaction, what is needed is more Love. I understand that it is human nature (or rather, the ego’s and reptilian brain’s nature) to react defensively and unlovingly, but our very job as human beings, and certainly, as re-creators of Eden, is to listen to and obey God In Us, ignore the serpent, and continue radiating Love, no matter what! If you should happen to be pulled out of alignment by your ego, just take a deep breath, let your ego know you’re on to it, tell it to be silent, center yourself in the Truth, align with your Spirit, and radiate Love as you were intended to do. You’ll be surprised how wonderful it feels–after all, it’s what you were designed for!

©2005 Julia Rogers Hamrick

Julia Rogers Hamrick is a visionary who spontaneously revisited the reality state called “Eden” in 1982 when her response to a catastrophic illness catapulted her to a radically higher frequency. She has been a spiritual-growth facilitator for over two decades, and is the author of Recreating Eden: The Exquisitely Simple, Divinely Ordained Plan for Transforming Your Life and Your Planet. To learn more about her Eden experience, read the introduction to Recreating Eden by going to http://www.recreating-eden.com/RecreatingEdenIntroduction.html For more information on Julia and on recreating Eden, visit http://www.recreating-eden.com To read about Julia’s own dance with Spirit and ego, read Julia’s blog, accessible from her website.

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