Truth about Clairvoyance

I have met several people lately asking me about clairvoyance and creating false assumptions and spreading myths about this great ability.

As a clairvoyant – I feel like it is my duty to explain this ability to you:

The word clairvoyance/clairvoyant from Latin:

clear/clair – [acclaro -are (to make clear , reveal)]


voynace/vision –

#1) A short definition of clairvoyance is: “the ability to see the unknown ” – ironically, clairvoyance has NOTHING to do with clear. Sometimes it takes me about 5 minutes to figure out what the images in my head meant. I would get about 5 images in a row somehow related to each other, creating a message; a word; a number; another image.

#2) It is not possible to “learn ” clairvoyance – some of our psychic abilities CAN be activated by (for example) meditation. BUT, clairvoyance is a rare ability which cannot be taught or learned. Everyone has a little to none amount of clairvoyant ability – 90% of people are standing in level 2 or 3 (1-10, 10 being the highest), you are considered a clairvoyant at about a level of 7.
There is no official scale for this – you judge for yourself. Here is a quick test:

Have 20 different colored pencils/cards in front of you – have someone set them in a random order. With your eyes closed, try to determine the order of colors – then see how many you’#8217;ve got right. Then divide the score by 2 – you will get the results.

In your clairvoyant visions – you may only see the things that you’#8217;ve seen at least once in your life. I don’#8217;t know exactly why…