Tips for Seeing Other People’s Auras

One of the best bits about running psychic development workshops is teaching people how to see an aura. I love teaching this to people as they can discover their abilities to ‘see’ the colours surrounding others very quickly.

What Is The Aura And Can Everyone See It?

The colourful aura that we typically see is that of the astral or emotional energetic body. This is the ‘bit’ of us that exists at a higher vibrational level and kind of overlays our physical being. (There’s a lot more to the theory of energy bodies but I want to share the practical stuff here.) The aura given off by this energy body can be ‘read’ and seeing colours is one way that sensitive people can ‘see’ what is going on for someone. Colours mean different things to everyone (but let’s leave analysis for another time too).

Some people are less able to see the aura and its colours but can get a feeling or sense of them. Personally, while I can teach others to see the colours, I very rarely see them myself. I do however, sense them. Sometimes I ‘hear’ the name of the colour or just know that it’s there, and whereabouts around the person it is. These methods of reading the aura provides a lesson in self-belief as you often think you’re just making it up or imagining it.

Also, standing next to someone means that your auras intermingle and, if you’re aware enough you can often get a sense of what’s going on for them, or what emotional state they’re in even if you find it difficult to see or sense the auras colours.

So, What Tips Will Help In Your Quest To See An Aura?

    • While it is something that comes with practise it is also important that you relax and don’t try too hard as this can block your abilities.
    • If you’re going to attempt to see someone’s aura, always ask their permission first otherwise they will probably find it intrusive and start to feel uncomfortable with without knowing why. They may then put energy barriers up against you.
    • Have a go with a friend. Get them to stand in front of a plain pale wall and stand a few feet away from them. Allow your eyes to go out of focus and gaze at your friend’s shoulder, and then just pass it. Try gazing around their head too. Look, but in a relaxed way as though you are daydreaming. Eventually you may start to see a thickening of the air just an inch or so around them. This is the etheric aura and is usually colourless. (It’s like the Ready-Brek glow if you remember the adverts.) Continue to let your eyes wander around the outline of their head and shoulders, keeping your gaze soft and out of focus. You may start to see colour around your friend. This is the aura. Congratulations!
    • Working with someone who understands energy work is a great advantage as they can ensure that their aura is clear and more vibrant, this can make it easier for you to see.
    • You can also try looking at your own aura. Hold your hand against a pale background and trace its outline with your eyes, as described before.
    • Practise looking at the auras of plants and animals as they are often easier to begin with.
    • Eye exercises will encourage your ability to see the aura. One example is to create a simple shape out of card or paper, may be a star or a circle. Create this shape out of different colours, including black, red, blue, yellow, and green. Place one on a larger sheet of plain white paper and look at it in the same way as described before, with a soft focus. Gaze at the shape tracing its outline around the edge and then into the centre of the shape. After a couple of minutes, remove the shape from the background and just look at the white paper. You should see a colour in the same shape as your cut-out imposing itself on the whiteness. This colour will, in most cases be the direct opposite of the colour of the cut-out, when looking at a colour wheel. Use each of the other cut-outs in different colours and see what you can see. You are not seeing an aura, this exercise is to get you used to seeing something that is not physically there.
    • Regular practice is the key as the process exercises your eyes in a completely different way to normal looking at things.
  • Certain crystals are said to help with psychic vision and seeing the aura, petalite is one such stone that you could try.

Once you can see or sense the colours of the aura you can start to learn to translate them into information or readings for the person you’re working with. You soon get positive feedback that what you’re sensing is correct which is always encouraging and exciting.

Helen Leathers is a lifelong intuitive, clairvoyant and medium, some would say psychic. Helen prefers the term ‘a naturally modern mystic’. Helen teaches, inspires and encourages spiritual growth, personal and psychic development.

Helen draws on her natural and intuitive abilities along with many years of research and personal development to produce books, products and programs to help you, whether you’re just a little curious, an absolute beginner or have been involved in spiritual and psychic development for some time.

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