The “Yes, I love you” Technique

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This technique will help you to increase your self-appreciation and self-acceptance. It was inspired to me after I read of a similar approach in the Larry Crane’s excellent book “Love Yourself and Let the Other Person Have It Your Way

You can do it at front of a mirror if you want. I personally do it when I travel seating in a airplane.
Focus on a part of yourself that is afraid or feel unappreciated. Check your thoughts for self-criticisms and other negativity. And do your best to locate where these feelings are in your body. Maybe, you have these feelings in your throat, your chest , your solar plexus or your forehead or maybe anywhere else in your body.

Now, you have a point to focus on. As the feeling arise say to yourself “Yes!”. You say “yes” to acknowledge what you feel rather than pushing it away and making an attempt at repressing it.
Feel the emotion and even rest in in it then say to the emotion “I love you!”.

Continue like this until you feel at peace. You will see if you stick with the technique you will reach a point of well-being.

If you are a creative person and you are unsatisfied with your performance; you can use this on the part of yourself that is doing the negative criticism. You will see that once you let go of this your performance will improve. It helped me personally to access a new level of creativity with my video creation. I got ideas that I never thoughts of before! This is a good exercise to play with.

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