The Work Of Psychic Detectives

Psychic detectives are people with psychic abilities who offer to help the police in solving crimes. American police forces have in the past made official statements that psychics have been used to help in investigations. There are many publications available that document cases where the skills of psychic detectives have been utilised. A Psychic Detective will mostly be called in as a last resort, when traditional investigative methods have proved insufficient. Sometimes they can be used privately by clients who want to look further in to dead end cases. This is particularly true of cases regarding missing persons or where the bodies of murder victims have never been found.

According to the many reports found in crime magazines and specialist psychic publications psychic detectives have an impressive track record of solving difficult previous unsolved cases. Through their psychic abilities they can pick up on clues that will have been hidden from other people. Their contact with the spirit world can provide a whole new approach to a case especially if it surrounds someone who has passed over to the other side.There are many cases where a psychic is said to have made contact with the murder victim and gained information on the details of the murder including murder weapons the identity of the murderer and the whereabouts of the body.

Abilities that psychic detectives use to look into cases include post cognition, psychometry, dowsing, remote viewing and telepathy. These are all very relevant skills to detection and it can easily be seen how successful use of them could help in an investigation.

Post cognition is the perception of the past using psychic ability. This skill could allow a psychic to see events leading up to a criminal situation. It can provide information regarding motivation. It could also help with alibis and mitigating circumstances if information gained could be verified with another source. Psychometry is the skill of gaining information from a particular object. The psychic vibrations given off by an object can be used to gain information such as who it belonged to and where it has been. It can be seen that if this skill were applied successfully to a murder weapon, for example, it would yield extremely useful information. Dowsing, the skill of detecting hidden or lost objects by their psychic vibrations, can be used to find missing objects or items that are significant to a case. The skill of remote viewing is another ability that psychic detectives could utilize to great effect. This skill can gain information from objects that are distant in time as well as space so successful use of this skill can provide information that could not be gained in any other way.

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