The Ultimate Basic Science Behind Huna

The Hawaiian Islands were for thousands of years the home of extraordinary group of people known as Kahunas. The Kahuna were extremely advanced and amazing miracle workers, seemed to posses the extraordinary powers for influencing and controlling visible as well as invisible agencies.

Huna explains the wonderful human psychology which provides the key to understanding yourself and achieving your goals in the spectacular manner.

Three types of selves:

  • Huna psychology teaches that there are three basic, fundamental dimension of human mind. These are three separate physic aspects of human mind functioning in distinctive manners.
  • The three selves are the Lower Self, the Middle Self and the Higher Self. They are so called due to their psychical locations. The Lower Self is located in solar plexus [in the centre of rib cage], the Middle self is located in the head of brain and the Higher Self is located at about five feet above the head.
  • Each of three selves plays a vital role in our physical, mental and spiritual evolution.
  • Lower self is our subconscious mind which stores all emotions memories, feelings, guilt’s complexes and neuroses.
  • The Middle Self is our conscious or awake mind with which we reason, think and make decisions.
  • The Higher Self is our super conscious mind which is the most enlightens part of us. It can influence any person/event/circumstance, to fulfill our legitimate wish.

Three types of bodies:

  • According to Huna each 3 selves have a shadow body which exist beyond the physical plane. These shadow bodies are energy bodies of different vibrational frequencies.
  • The Lower self is our astral body which is the shadow of physical body and also known as etheric double. It is the exact replica of our physical body. It is just like copies of physical things in energy forms. For Kahuna all memories, emotions and feelings are stored in the shadow body of Lower self.
  • The Middle self has mental body as its shadow body, which is more subtle than astral body and responsible for logic, reasoning and intellect of the human being.
  • The Higher self has casual body as its shadow body which is the subtlest and the extraordinary powerful body having extreme higher vibrational frequency.
  • According to Huna the shadow bodies of lower and middle self are said to penetrate the physical body and reside there but the shadow body of the higher self does not reside within the body at all but is said to be located outside.

Three types of vital forces or Prana

  • We are surrounded by a mystical vital Force without which we would be lost called the universal life force or vital force or Prana. All life and nourishment is maintained through breath the most vital of all resources.
  • The kahuna recognised the importance of Prana in performing occult work. They believed that Prana is an electrical charged energy when charged by means upon entering the body, can be utilised to create greater physical and spiritual power.
  • Huna tells that the prana energy can be said to have 3 levels.The lower level of Prana is used by Lower Self is Unihipili, the middle level of Prana is called Uhane used by the middle self and Higher level of prana is used by the higher self called Aumakua.
  • The prana breathed in by conscious middle self is converted into higher voltage of electricity by lower self which sends it up to higher self for the magical and extraordinary manifestations.

Aka chords:

  • The 3 selves work in dynamic manner with the help of invisible Aka chords which connect themselves. The Aka chord is sticky elastic energy cable like structure needed by 3 selves to communicate with each other.
  • Like perfect conductor of electricity thoughts, ideas emotions and feelings in the form of electrical impulses can easily travel along these Aka chords between three selves.
  • The lower self is connected with middle and higher selves with connective threads of Aka chords. Middle and Higher selves are not connected.

Huna theory:

  • With the amazing network of 3 selves, Prana and aka chords the Kahuna performed their extraordinary works.
  • Prana is the substance with which the Higher Self works when we want it to accomplish some objective for us.
  • The Middle self breathes or takes the prana, the Lowe self converts it into higher voltage of electricity and higher self uses it for manifestation of goals.
  • Prana once it has been converted into higher frequency of power by the Lower self and sent to Higher self is the magical force which that creates miracles. Once it is highly elevated state and directed by higher mind it can smash atoms and cause dematerialisations and rematerialisation of matter.

Basic science of instant manifestation in Huna:

  • Some specific parts of brain such as the reticular activating system [RAS], works with the visual parts of our brain to call our conscious attention to things that are important to reaching our goals and to filter out those things that are unimportant.
  • The RAS activated by programming of goals in our sub-conscious mind is the basic science behind the ancient Huna magic.


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