The Sedona Method – Hale Dwoskin, Larry Crane & Lester Levenson…


The Sedona Method is a formula created by a
man who discovered his “infinite beingness ” and was called Lester
Levenson. It is taught in its current form primarily by Hale Dwoskin of
Sedona Training Associates and by Larry Crane of Laurence Crane
Enterprises. The Sedona Method is taught by Sedona Method facilitators.
There are myriad ways to apply the Method which essentially boils down
to a 6 Step formula for having, doing or being literally anything in

Also known as The Release Technique (under Larry Crane), a main idea
for putting the Sedona Method into practice is to understand that
“feelings are just feelings and you can let them go ” and that beneath
feelings which could be categorized under the emotional states of
apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger and pride is an ever-present underlying
sense of courageousness, acceptance and peace which can be tapped at
any moment by choice and decision to do so.

Taking The Abundance Course is one way of learning the Sedona Method.
There are both similarities and differences in the teaching styles of
the two facilitators mentioned above. The rest of this article
amalgamates information from both the above facilitators so that the
reader can release on any feeling, goal, issue or desire, in moments
from now…

Feelings are just feelings, they are not us, and we can let them go.
This can be illustrated by the child who falls over and doesn’t cry when
playing, just brushes themself off and carries on. But if eye-contact
is made with the child, chances are they will put on a show of tears. As
children, we have the naturally ability to let go. As we grow up, we
“learn to forget ” and the Sedona Method in part is a relearning of this
inherent ability that we have – to let go and be ourselves once more.

The basic “releasing method ” incorporates three basic questions that
can be applied to any situation in your life whether that is a goal, a
challenge or a desire. Take a moment to look inside and allow yourself
just to feel whatever it is that you are feeling in this moment. The
first question that you can put to yourself is “Could I let that feeling
go? ” The answer can be “yes ” or “no ” – take whatever comes up for you.
“Could you? ” means “are you able to? “. Yes or no are both acceptable
answers. Be open to the fact that you may be able to let go of all your
feelings, even if you are skeptical or have been holding on to a
particular person, place, thing or memory because it has seemed to be
beneficial or “right ” for you to do so. You will find that as you let
go, you “lose ” nothing, only you gain more lightness, happiness and

Larry Crane recommends that you disengage your “head ” – your thinking
– and see how you feel in the feelings center which is your stomach or
chest – is there a tension or a clutching to be found there? If so,
could you let it go?. You can imagine inserting an imaginary tube in to
where the feeling is located, uncapping the tube and allowing the
feeling to shoot out! (The Method is supposed to be fun!) Or imagine
opening an imaginary door in the area and allowing the feeling to pass
through the door – like clouds through the sky, or smoke up and out a
chimney flue. Also you could put your hand on your stomach or chest.

Hale Dwoskin suggests you could imagine seeing a knot unraveling in
the area of the feeling, or clenching your fist over your solar plexus
and loosening/relaxing your fingers and hand as you let go.
Alternatively you can experiment with diving into the feeling and at the
very core perhaps is a white light. So allow yourself to feel whatever
you’re feeling in this moment…

And could you let it go? Just could you? … Would you? (this second
question means “am I willing to let it go? “…When? (the third question
is an invitation to let go of the feeling right now, here in this
moment). And just let go as best you can. Focus inside again on whatever
you are feeling, in this moment, about your goal, about your challenge
or issue…

And could you let that feeling go?
Would you if you could?

And again, allow yourself to focus inside and check to see what you
are feeling in this moment about your goal, desire or challenge? And
could you allow yourself to let it go? … Would you allow yourself to
let it go? … When?

If you answer “no ” to the second question, “would you? “, you may
notice a feeling that you are stuck. If so, you can ask, “would I prefer
to have this stuckness or would I prefer to be free? ” and just let go
as best you can on the stuckness. You could also ask “could I let go of
wanting to change the stuckness? ” and let go of the wanting to change

This is the basic premise of the Release Technique – could you? would
you? When? … The Sedona Method is profound and can bring about
positive and empowering effects very quickly, even those which may have
been longstanding. The author of this article has been using the Method
for a number of years with some outstanding results. It is strongly
recommended that you learn more about this phenomenon of letting go
through a paid course.

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