The REAL Secret To Irresistibly Attract Someone

Question from Gavin. M: Can I use sending out love to someone to seduce that person, I’m madly in love with a girl on my campus?  She keeps ignoring me, I love her.

Well, yes, very definitively, I call the technique the “Super Blessing”. It is based on sending love and appreciation.
HOWEVER, you have to ask yourself one question.
Why would you want to seduce someone who obviously isn’t attracted to you already?

Can you honestly answer me this question?

Gavin. M: I think that I will be happier, I’m really attracted to her. I would feel good about myself, if we had a relationship. It will increase my sense of self-worth. I will feel appreciation for myself. I will be somebody.

Here is the deal. Can you for a minute, imagine yourself with a high self-esteem, high-confidence, healthy self-appreciation and high sense of self-worth?
See how it feels from that standpoint. You see from that vantage standpoint, you are more likely to be a “vibrational match” for the type of person that you desire. Providing that you accept the idea of a relationship, you might attract such a person without any particular effort on your part.
I know this first hand. Because, when I became a “vibrational match” for the kind of person I wanted. I attracted and got involved with that person without any particular effort, no seduction game.

When you see someone and you decide that you would like to know this person more for maybe have a relationship with, and if you feel that you need some kind of tactic to attract that person.
Actually, you have to understand that it is not a signal to use some kind of tactic. It is a signal that you need to change to be a “vibrational match” for what you want.
If you have the desire to be in a relationship with a certain kind of person, and you are not already in that relationship assume that you are not a “vibrational match” for what you want.
Otherwise, you would be already involved in a relationship.
You need to change to become a ” vibrational match”. People think they need to use tactics to get the other person instead of changing themselves.

I understand in the today world, there is such a mass belief in powerlessness. Almost all the movies and pop music out there are selling us the idea of powerlessness.
Let me tell you, you have the power to change yourself and be a vibrational match for what you want and attract what you want effortlessly.

If you have to use a seduction tactic to get someone, you implicitly imply that you are not a deserving and abundant person when it comes to creating a relationship. You rule yourself out of getting what you want naturally without effort.
Often, you will hear people say “when I search for’ a partner,  it is difficult, and I don’t find one. However, when I have a partner then other potential partners seem to pop up from everywhere”

What they are really saying is this as I wasn’t a “vibrational match” for what I wanted I could not get it. But, when I became a “vibrational match” I attracted an abundance of what I wanted.

I experience this all time, and you could too. If instead of using seduction or flirting tactics, you would change the person you are. Here, the old saying apply: Change yourself and your world will change.

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