The Process of Channeling Spirits


Channeling spirits, also known as mediumship, can be accomplished by a variety of processes, ranging from the use of tarot cards, crystal balls or dream analysis. The channel, also known as a medium, may also use one of many techniques of “mental mediumship ” such as: clairvoyance (when the medium is able to see the spirit), clairaudience (an ability to hear the spirit) or clairsentience (the sensation of feeling the spirit) to convey the spirits& message to his or her loved ones.

History of Channeling Spirits

Communication with the dead has been documented as far back as The Old Testament, which tells the story of The Witch of Endor, who raised the spirit deceased prophet Samuel in order for the Hebrew king Saul to question him about an impending battle.

Channeling spirits became a popular practice in 19th century America when the religious practice of Spiritualism was gaining a strong following. Modern Spiritualism dates back from 1848, with the practices and lectures of the Fox sisters in New York state. Leading lecturers and authors on the subject in the mid 1800s include Emma Hardinge Britten and Paschal Beverly Randolph.

The fraudulent use of stage magic tricks during the late 1800s and early 1900s caused mediumship to fall into disrepute. From the 1930s to the 1990s, physical mediumship became less practiced in the church of Spiritualism and the process of spiritual channeling gained popularity.

How Mediums Facilitate Communication with Spirits

Lacking the limitations of a physical body, spirits are believed to hover around at will, often in a place where they believe their lives were ended unfulfilled. They also tend to follow living acquaintances that they either deeply loved or resented. The medium, or channel, may contact these spirits by entering a hypnotic state before sitting, lying down or moving around in the room. Often he or she will gesture to, joke with and essentially translate between the spiritual realm and that of the living while having no memory of anything that was discussed.

Accuracy of Channeling Ability

The accuracy of the channel&s communication depends upon their level of psychic ability. The channel essentially receives messages from the spirit(s) and then must translate them into human language. Some mediums have the ability to channel spirits which convey ideas that not only have relevance to a certain individual, but may also be of universal importance. Examples of these predictions might include Nostrodamus&s interpretations of the Holocaust, the Kennedy assassination or the tragedy of 9/11.

Tools Employed by Channels

Many channels employ tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls, or material items owned by the deceased in order to “channelize ” their specific type of psychic ability. Some psychics, known as hyperwriters, may also use pen and paper to record the messages as they are sent from the spirit in question.

By whatever means, the goal of the process of channeling spirits is to communicate with those who&ve moved on, whether to resolve their unrest, or to ease the minds of those who&ve lost them. The process takes much practice and patience, and it is important that the medium is someone who is compassionate and has the ability to feel empathy for the lost soul as well as the grieving loved ones who are desperate for answers.


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