The Power of Tratak

Q: How can I remote influence influence someone and overcome resistance to suggestions ?

A : I’ll teach you a secret I’ve been nursing for many years now. It’s called the power of Tratak. There are many levels to it, but let me
teach you the basic, entry level tratak used for communication.

Take a picture of him. Stare at the point that’s between his eyebrows.
Stare intently for about 3 minutes, until you feel a certain bond with
the picture. After you feel like you’ve mastered every nook and cranny
of his features as presented in the picture, begin to talk to the
picture. But not just talk.

You have to FEEL that you ARE talking to the person himself. Like the
picture, is like a telephone…a psychic channel of sorts. To which, he
can hear what you are telling him…perhaps not on a verbal level, but
as an abstracted thought form. Remember to hold the picture in your hand
so the transference will be more powerful.

Geesh. I wish I could explain the principles behind this, and how this
works. But it takes too long.

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This art comes from India. It is the first in the series of exercises
designed to enhance and power up one’s psychic powers. In the advanced
stages, a mere gaze from a person who practices tratak can put another
person in an instantaneous hypnotic trance. It can also be used to
“charge ” objects (you got that right, objects) with Telos. Other Trataks
develop the power of precognition and clairvoyance. Havent got the
hypnotic gaze and others, yet, but I have done some things with Telos

Jon Ness will attest to the effectiveness of tratak. He gets this
sensation that he’s being “paged “. Uhhh…let HIM tell you how he “gets
it “.

When I learned about this shyt and seen it work for me, I took down my
entire website that used to have my picture and never put one up again !

I have given one very powerful technique out. I hope everyone who reads
this is ready for it.

And then again, remember the laws of the cosmos. Karma is a cosmic law.
It becomes so much more apparent in the other than material planes.
Plant a small evil and reap a ton of evil. Plant love and you harvest a
bountiful of love. Be guided accordingly.


PS: I almost forgot. Speak to his picture and tell him how your
exploration of other possibilities is an enrichment of how you could
enjoy each others company. If you don’t work out, reassure him that you
will merely need some time to heal, and then you will be friends once
more…perhaps even better friends than when you first started out.

After doing the tratak to him you can either watch how he reacts next,
or you could talk to him in this direction already. If you ask me, I
prefer that you don’t talk to him about it, just to keep the purity of
the experiment. See if it works for you too.

Originally posted on the Mindlist YahooGroup! by Jobet Claudio

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