The Higher Self – The Number One Reason Why You're Still Struggling With the Law of Attraction


Why does it seem that the Law of Attraction isn’#8217;t
working for you–even though you’#8217;re making an effort and following all
the rules? You visualize till the cows come home, you try to feel good,
but your life attracts turmoil and chaos instead of the peace and
abundance that’#8217;s arranged neatly on your vision board. The reason for
this is rather simple, but it requires getting clear on which part of
“you ” we’#8217;re referring to. It also requires diving deeper into the
“you. ” Because even though the part of you that’#8217;s your human
personality, your conscious mind or psyche (sometimes lumped together
and referred to as your “ego “) may work hard at getting the Law of
Attraction right, ultimately it’#8217;s your “higher self ” that’#8217;s in charge
of how your life goes.

Moreover, if the Law of Attraction isn’#8217;t
working for you it isn’#8217;t necessarily because you’#8217;re doing something
wrong, it isn’#8217;t that you’#8217;re not good enough, and it’#8217;s not because you
don’#8217;t deserve your heart’#8217;s desire. (So get that nonsense out of your
head.) It’#8217;s just that your higher self has a plan for your life that’#8217;s
grander, more impressive, and perhaps more adventurous than your
limited human consciousness is able to see right this minute. And even
though this plan may appear to take you on numerous detours, ultimately
the plan is more perfect than your limited human mind is capable of
conceiving at the moment.

In other words, there seems to be a
disconnect between your higher self’#8217;s goals and your lower self’#8217;s
goals. And indeed, your higher self has priorities that seem to be
directly in contrast with your lower self. The higher self’#8217;s main
priority is to learn and grow emotionally and spiritually, whereas it’#8217;s
human nature to prefer to avoid the things that cause the most growth.
(This will probably be the case as long as the lower self is unaware of
the higher self’#8217;s agenda.)

So if your higher self is actually the
one in charge, what can you really do? Does anything matter? Is there
anything that can be done?

Absolutely yes, and it’#8217;s also
imperative for your success that you do something. What’#8217;s required is
getting into a relationship with and learning to trust your higher
self. When your relationship with your higher self is at least as real
to you as any of your other relationships, when you trust it at least
as much as you trust anyone outside yourself, this is when “critical
mass ” occurs. This is when you get “aligned. ” You will also reduce your
fear and anxiety because you’#8217;ll begin to understand life from the
perspective of the part of you that’#8217;s in charge, that’#8217;s in touch with
the deeper truths of life and how things work here. (And when you get
aligned with your higher self, all these concepts will become much
clearer to you.)

Want life to get easier? Connect to your higher
self. Want more synchronicity, flow and the magic of Interconnectedness
in your life? Connect to your higher self. Your higher self is your
access point to your higher life plan, your hidden gifts, and

So try to relax and trust and follow through
on your inner inspiration. Follow through daily. (That’#8217;s what the
“higher beings ” I was in contact with through a gifted medium told me
when I was going through a difficult time.) I can honestly now say that
I am grateful for having lived through it, and I feel this will be the
case for you as well.

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