The Fear Of Love From The Ego Versus Pure Loving Intentions From The Heart

Everyone needs to be loved and how each and every person fulfills this very essential need is individual. The ego part of a person pulls on others and controls others to feel safe with love. It is needy. It is fearful. The energy pull makes the other person pull away without knowing why.

When fear is involved love is driven by the darkness of the soul.

Babies and children need love to know they are loveable. A baby or a child does not need to do anything to be loved. It is natural to love. When a child has been loved the child knows that he or she is loveable.

What damages this is to neglect or criticize a child, or make a child do what the parent or caretaker expect them to do to have the caring love of the parent. If the child was neglected the child unconsciously makes the decision that he or she is not loveable. This decision persists until the child becomes an adult. Discernment is gained through healing. Everyone regardless of their age needs to be loved, needs to be heard and know that they are loved just the way they are naturally.

However, if a child has lived neglect or abandonment the painful feeling of hopeless or waiting to be cared for and loved is suppressed because for a child these painful feelings are too much to be with. This is how the ego develops. It is a defense to be protected from suffering. The heartbreaking feeling is buried because the ego’s job is to protect the child from painful feeling. The ego does serve its purpose because painful feelings of the heart are too much to be with for a child.

When the child grows up the energy of the repressed emotions will be triggered in a negative way. The only way to release the negative energy is to be present by transforming the negative thought and belief that was made up by the ego.

Being with the present moment is what people strive for. Gaining discernment through the moment present is very precious. Being present for the sake of being present is blissful. However, being present with the present moment when the ego is in full force is when many people turn their power to others by blaming others for their unhappiness.

Being present in the present moment and gaining discernment of the negative thoughts while at the same time allowing the emotional energy to flow through is priceless. Taking it a step further is grace. When a person can observe his or her thought, while at the same time allowing the emotion to flow through, is a gain of 50%. The other 50% is gained when a person’s Soulful Essence is included in the healing process. This means to be present in your body, more specifically being present in the heart.

Having gained the discernment enables people to know the truth of their heart. Releasing the pure feelings of the heart allows a person to go to the very root of the suffering. With time all the painful feelings flow through while joy and serenity takes its natural place in the heart. This amounts to freedom and grace. It is priceless. Taking action to get emotionally unstuck at times is simply the action of having compassion for one self.

Many adults have an unconscious belief that if they are alone they will die. When neglect or abandonment is at the root cause of suffering it is normal and natural that it is related to the fear of death. However, through healing what dies is the negative part of the ego because the painful feelings are released and the negative beliefs are transformed. The ego’s job is transformed to be the will of the heart. The power of the Divine Intelligence naturally takes over.

Connect with your Heart and know the soulful needs of your Essence. Heal your heart through love.

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