The Fall of Stephane Hemon: The new David Koresh

Update : March , 14, 2009 -oh man, Stephane Hemon is a lot crazier than what we thought ! at least according to the video below.

During several years people sent messages to to tell us how wrong we are about talking and promoting Stephane Hemon products and philosophy. The main concern was that Stephane Hemon is not what he claims to be it only an image he maintains but in the inside they said he is a dishonest individual that will not hesitate to hurt you. Well with disgust we found out that this is actually the true.

 But who is really this Stephane Hemon ?

30-something Stephane Hemon claims that during is childhood and teenagehood he was surrounded by women consequently he learned a lot about so called women psychology. He said that he was always the bad boy type and apparently still is, he dropped out of high school to follow his destiny.

He apparently developed an obsession on seducing and sleeping with as much women as he can as a consequence he joined an online community of like minded people to learn from and share stories, this online community also known as seduction community, they discuss online on website like, newsgroup such as alt.seduction.moderated or mailing list Cliff List.

Stephane Hemon learned most of his tactics and slang from the so called seduction community until today, he uses that slang which contains words like frame , chick logic , inner game , etc….


He later mixed his seduction hobby with spirituality it is here that things went wrong, Stephane Hemon ideas can be resumed like this:


One needs to balance his chakras to achieve a state of sufficiency that will allow success with women

Women are unbalanced they need to be taught and instructed

A man needs to be a leader with women, having more than one women is better than having just one.

Ascencion ??? is for the end of 2008.

Wearing a condom can be risky, It is best to send the girl tested for STDs.


There are other ideas in his philosophy but they arent specifically from him.

One problem with Stephane is that he has issues that he has not resolved, seating and playing with the chakras DO NOT cure deep issues for example he has hatred toward a man called Steve Piccus a guy he ripped off a few years ago this is an issue that no amount of chakras play will heal. Only knowledge and maturity will help with this problem.


Stephane uncle wrote the following :


Hello to all of you who read this. I am Stephs uncle by marriage,my wife (stephs mothers sister)is a naturopath who was taught byDoreen Mary Bray a recognized professional Naturopath teacher. She can be found at Thr truth is that steph never completed a single course with Doreen.

His books ARE 100% plagiarised off of her teachings and other peoples sites. His use of numbers for spiritual consciousness are used out of context and quite easily exposed as self serving to show himself vibrating higher than others. A self proclaimed master of chakras ,he only did a 3week course and now calls himself a guru. Needless to say has he insulted those who have studied for years to attain faithful student status its obvious his ego has done him in. Truth is ,when you brag about how good you are,it actually puts your karmic vibrations into the negatives….

My wife and I are saddened by the recent course of events. We were there to help and yet he blogs she(my wife) is insane, this has upset her, yet Karmically we wish him to find the path of light. The dark side has a firm grip on him,his ego and his thirst for fame and glory will be his downfall. Having heard first hand from his sister Brit. about Ghita,this too is a saddening event. In spring of 2007, my wife and had I travelled to a seminar together with ghita and steph and his business partner( forgot his name..ooops) the only thing they there for in Kelowna b.c. was to drink ;drink;and play pool ,the enlightenment seminar was an excuse for a party.


His passion was to go online check how many sales he had that day so he knew how much he could spend. I had talked to him about his business ethics and he flat out said ,people are stupid and will pay anything to get out of their inability to pickup girls for sex. This obviously set the tone for the week. The week passed and we have not spoken since. His flagrant disrespect of people and mainly women being a disgusting diplay of usury. He has used Ghita like squeezing an orange dry, Ghita is now sick and no longer useful to him,out she goes and in with Greta ,the newest Squeeze.

Hopefully she will read this and come to her senses. His negative energy has borken his aunts heart to pieces. How many more people will he hurt before it ends.

We have moved on in our lives and with 4 wonderful kids and now a grandson. My sons and daughters know of stephanes antics ,being of similar age ,and have told me this is not new age but of an egomanical pervert . His life is now at a standstill being infected with herpes and is probably
HIV positive. He has made a lot of people sick and poisoned their brains with his form of lust.
Life is a commitment not a game to see who can one exploit next.
Stephane is exactly what Karma preaches against. His Chakras are all closed and not open to enlightenment. His drinking and drugs provides his light ,not his heart chakra.

An ex-steph follower wrote the following piece below on the EX-Ideagasmers forum.

From Baas

First of all, the reason I am writing this is simple. I think Stephane Hemon is a fraud, someone who is in reality not at all what his social mask makes him seem like. I have a real problem with someone who tries to lecture people about loving others, teaching compassion and CHARGING for it, when in reality they turn out to be pricks and assholes.

First of all, ask yourself this question: does an enlightened compassionate person JUDGE anyone? Do they ever “label ” any other human being in any sort of negative way? What is saying “Most people are energy vampires “, or “most girls are barbies “? Is that not some kind of judgment on MOST of the human race? I personally think its one of the MOST judgmental things ANY person could say. What kind of lens is it to look at the world that most people will “try to steal your energy? “. How LOVING is that view alone on other people? Doesn’t saying most people are energy vampires also subtly imply “but I am better than them “? If you started viewing people as energy vampires, would you be more inclined to accept them as your equal, would you feel more likely to love them, would you truly FEEL equal to them? I think taking on the FRAME that most people are energy vampires is going to make you a lot more depressed and isolated than having never heard it before. (Doesn’t Stephane Hemon claims that he is “lonely at the top? “. How could someone who loves all people EVER feel lonely!)

Does a responsible person EVER blame people or the world for their problems? Would saying things like “most girls are barbies “, “most people live in lower consciousness “, be a responsible statement in regards to yourself? How can a person be responsible, but also blaming others at the same time?

Would an enlightened compassionate person ever judge other peoples relationships? Like saying something like “circles are the highest possible form of human relationship “. How could one judge ANY relationship versus another? How could you even know how good ONE other relationship is? Judgment is always from a persons own biased perspective, so saying one is better or worse is going through flawed human PERCEPTION anyways. In other words, it is IMPOSSIBLE to judge other peoples relationships based of your own, because every human is biased. Also, if circles are so good, then why has the best one lasted only a couple months max? I know people who are HAPPY for 30+ years in loving relationships! But WHY don’t they ever judge other peoples relationships at all? Maybe their non judgmental attitudes is why they are so happy and good together in the first place.

Does a compassionate human being ever cut people out from their life for petty things? Like for instance, disagreeing on a religious view? Or maybe not agreeing in personal opinions?

Would cutting off a girl because she didn’t call to check in with you when she said she would be a good enough reason to banning her from your life forever? Sounds like most people would have to walk on eggshells around such a person…

Would an enlightened compassionate person ever threaten to leave a person to get them to comply? As many others on this board have pointed out, making a threat to leave could be considered manipulative and making the person afraid of losing you(fear of loss). What happened to allowing them to be themselves? What is showing a girl the door if she doesn’t start “behaving “(as if she were some dumb animal) to how you WANT her to be?

Another question, does an enlightened compassionate person ever have to yell at anyone? Does any compassionate person ever need to yell to get people to listen to them, or have they genuinely earned the trust of the people around them so they will always listen to you?

Would a person of humbleness and integrity be living in Costa Rica having sex all day, making fun of the rest of the world as if they are so much better off? How helpful and loving is that to humanity? How humble is that? Would Stephane Hemon ever volunteer to help the homeless out? Would Stephane Hemon ever join the Peace Corps and dedicate himself to helping out people in 3rd world countries to help humanity and people suffering? I think not. He talks about how fine it is to live in abundance, but the truth is our world is OVERPOPULATED and resources are not infinite. Sounds more like bury your head in the sand ignore the planet concerns and try to selfishly live like a king, that way if others are doing it, he can feel better about his own self-centeredness. (He also likes to teach guilt is completely useless… ironic?)

Do you think if you threw Stephane Hemon into a party, that he would be talking and getting along with everyone? Do you honestly think he would be hanging out with every person, being genuinely interested and treating them all as equals, learning

something from every person, giving and receiving? Or do you think he would only be hanging out with the “social savvy, higher consciousness people ” and only the hot girls? I personally have found that EVERY person can be social and cool once you give them a chance to be comfortable.

If you were enlightened, and you viewed everyone viewpoint of the world as equal and something to be learned from, do you think you would preach your own opinions and judgments to anyone else? Does Stephane ever show ANY times of being mistaken

and learning something from his students, or are his students always the ones who are wrong?

Would a compassionate guy promote their girlfriend to be independent and blaze a trail in her own life, or would he convince her to drop all her own ambitions and support his mission?(aka become his doormat)

Watch Stephane’s Girlfriend Whisperer Clip, do you think he genuinely EARNED the respect of each and every person in that room, or are they blindly worshiping him, trying to kiss his ass desperately? Why would they laugh SO hard at such lame jokes?

Alright… So I could go on and on and on about all the perceptions vs realities of Stephane Hemon but it gets tiring…

So whatever your views are on the guy and his business, ask yourself this. Would a person who is enlightened and compassionate be angry and ban you for testing their claims? How else can we separate all the TALKERS from the WALKERS in this world without testing them? There are TONS of people who claim to be good people, but are full of shit. There are tons of people who appear to be good people, but turn out to be criminals. The only way I see is a test of character. When a conflict or something comes up that the person cannot hide behind their social mask anymore, thats when you see the real personality of that person. There are a lot of ppl on this forum that knew Stephane personally, rather than most of his followers that only know him through his internet social mask. Wouldn’t it be considered a healthy statement to say you only really know a person when you’ve spent time enough time with them to see their true skin? Why is it that a lot of people who know him personally have had really bad experiences with him? Whats the common denominator there, all of them or him?

So test his supposed compassion, see how good of a person he is for yourself. Ask yourself how equal to others and down to earth will you feel when your convinced that your on a higher level of consciousness? Ask yourself, what is so negative about having doubts that you can talk to the universe god if you meditate long enough? What is so negative about having doubts about people claiming to see auras?

I dont think Stephane is a bad guy, or that he is intentionally doing any harm to people, I just think he’s not qualified to teach things like love and compassion when he seems to be kind of a arrogant prick in reality. Thats why I care at all. When unqualified people teach deep philosophical understandings that they dont get, they spread their own IGNORANCE. INTELLIGENCE is the only cure for brainwashing…

11 Responses to The Fall of Stephane Hemon: The new David Koresh

  1. chris July 23, 2012 at 6:47 am #

    I have met stephane in person and also had a dinner with him after Daivid Hawkins event. In the restaurant, there was a chubby-looking DJ playing some not so great tunes from his vinyl record collection. Our group was the only people there at the time, and nobody paid any attention to the guy. After the dinner, when everybody were heading outside for a smoke and talk, Stephane went to the guy and said “Thanks for the music.”

    This article makes Stephane look like some horribly delusional crazy evil man.
    And makes the writer of this article look like some angelic figure tying to worn people of the satan.


  2. Randy September 29, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    To those it may concern,
    Sometimes you meet people in your life who teach you what you want to know by answering the questions you maybe never asked.
    There were many days where I did’nt understand why he asked me to do the certain or in the way that he had. I wanted truth and he pointed me towards it, reminding my eyes to go there ever since. I stand by him and that is fine with me.

    • Fabian December 9, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

      Stay with this guys, you\’re helping a lot of poplee.

  3. gabriel December 9, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

    If you can’t deal with the fact that Stephane confronted you about your sick fucked up ego that’s your problem. But really if your life is full shit doesn’t mean that other people can use Stephane’s advise. He is a wonderful person who really helps out people some of the comments he made are made in he area of humor something you apparently cannot understand. For the people who read this trust me try to speak with Stephane and consult his teaching before you trust in this article that is written down by someone who is probably full of hate.

  4. Interested Commentator January 18, 2013 at 7:56 pm #

    Clearly a bunch of hatemail from people with no evidence to back up their claims, i bet you can find a website filled with nonsense about just about any person who has achieved a moderatore level of fame

  5. Ryan V March 1, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    I don’t even know where to start with this. As someone who has been a student of Stephane’s since the GTP days, I have seen nothing but love from this guy. It’s blatantly obvious to anyone who listens to his products, especially the later stuff.

    The man is criticized for calling a spade a spade?? Are you kidding me. 85% of the world is nonintegrous. This planet barely calibrates above the integrity line, and Mr. Hemon is one of the few people who stands up and points the way to truth to people. The man is just stating facts, and thank God for him.

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in person and spending an evening hanging out with him. I found him to be nothing but kind, humorous, helpful, generous, and forthright.

    This page is nothing but hateful slandering of Stephane, when it’s obvious from listening to his products for just a few minutes that the guy is the opposite of every lie concocted about him in this web page.

  6. Richard March 6, 2013 at 7:03 pm #

    I wonder how much the writer of the article has personally investigated Stephane with his own eyes, ears, and heart. I am on Team Stephane.

  7. Vn1984 April 21, 2014 at 7:32 pm #

    The interesting thing is that all the writters in this post, in a subtle way, they all seem to believe that they know what love is, what it isn`t, what it looks like, etc

    They seem to know all about compassion. They seem to know everything about spirituality and Truth. Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy in this post?

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