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RV session 2 and 3: The body vibrate, encouraging rv result

remoteviwingcourseThe last few days, I did the session 2 (RV Disc 3 – RV training 2). The session teaches how to operate the mind as a highly concentrated focus of informational input/output through the use of vibratory light.

I did that session for 3 days. It was easy to make my body vibrate, but I remember more than 10 years ago, when I first took that course, it was so hard.
Now, it is easy. It will be easy if you are used to practice such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi and other energy work. I have done energy work for years now.
If you have no energy work practice, just let go of wanting something to happen. I believe wanting something to happen is a source of resistance.

Today, I also started session 3 from Disc 4, I plan to use it for two more days. I really enjoyed this session. Many users of the program reported that they became more attractive to the opposite sex. I’m not surprised because, in this session, we have to build a radiant expanded aura that fill the room.

When you have a radiant aura like this, you build more presence, and if you are man the feminine is attracted by presence. If you are a woman, you will build radiance and the masculine is attracted by feminine radiance.

In the eBook “Psychic Seduction V” is a technique like this called Aura Meld.

But that was not the most interesting aspect of the session. During the exercise, I was instructed to expand my aura when I did it I also tried to remote view what is at the front of my house, and I saw a dirty white car.

After my session, I had to go to a store and guess what ? There was a dirty white car parked right at the front of my door. This is very encouraging.

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