The Basic Of Psi-ball ( part 1)

Making a PSI Ball isnt complicated everyone can do it with minimum training. Having good basis in energy work will allow you to build bigger and more powerful psi-ball, the ability to perceive energy will help to see your psi-ball.
Perceiving subtle energies

You can start by trying to perceive the energy field of plants, according to Barbara Brennan you can proceed like this put a plant under bright light with a dark background behind it. Eventually, you may see lines of blue-green flashing up the plant along the leaves in the direction of growth. According to Brennan they will flash and slowly fades, these lines will react to your hand or a crystal. Play with a crystal near the plants leaves and you might perceive the aura of plant trying to keep contact the crystal as you slowly move your crystal away.

NOTE: You can only perceive what you accept to perceive, it is important to reinforce the belief that you can perceive energy, tell yourself ‘I easily perceive subtle energy .

Playing with energy

Raise your hands to the level of your mouth and breathe  slowly through the nose; on the exhale and from your mouth direct the  Chi/Energy between your hand, if this is difficult you can imagine your Chi as being like white vapor.
After three or more exhalations image that your Chi  becomes a ball-shaped mass, continue the exercise until you feel that your hand have an attraction for each other, play by moving your hand back and forth and observe how they are drawn together.

Slowly let your hand come together and let the chi flow out.

Building Energy

Breathing is also a great way to build your Chi.

“Every breath we take, every mouthful of liquid or solid we consume, is charged with that vital force known in the east as prana (Chi). In fact, prana is the sum total of all cosmic energy. It is the energy which enables you to bend your little finger; it is the energy which, manifesting as gravitation, causes a passing meteor to be drawn into the orbit of a planetary body. Without prana, there could be no motion of any kind and all cosmic manifestation would fade into its original state of dark, motionless potential; for prana (Chi) is the energy which brings forth the realisation of the original possibilities into the numerous phases of activated manifestation which constitute the whole of cosmic creation…..” Dr George King

Breathing in rhythm, breathe in and hold to the count of five, breathe out and hold to the count of five. Do it for 5 to 10 minutes each day, it will help little by little to build your Chi.

 In the next part will see how to build and play with a Psi-ball.

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