The Art of Retrieval

During the 70s, Robert Monroe the well known writer , explorer of out of body states and founder of the Monroe Institute which developed the Hemi-sync sound pattern formed a group of people he called the Explorers they were people that helped the Monroe Institute to study the human consciousness and explore the out of body state.
Rosalind McKnight was one the early explorer during one session with Robert Monroe , she went out of body then she was guided by beings , she calls them ‘#8217;her invisible helpers’#8217; to what seems to be a rescue mission.

It was to rescue a dead man trapped in a time zone out of body, he was there since 1879, he was a sailor from Scotland , he died from the explosion of his ship,  his death came  to him so brutally that he didn’t realize he was dead, he lost awareness of time he assumed that he was on the water after the explosion usually helpers from higher plane than the physical plane can’#8217;t help such people because their beliefs are such that they still believe they are alive and therefore they will block themselves to perceive the helpers.
In another hand someone alive who travel out of body can help such people trapped in these time zones.

During the rescue Rosalind was guided by her helpers how to help that man, the idea was to make him realize that he was dead , now, when that man accept his death then he can finally perceive the helpers and move to his next step of evolution. That early rescue at the Monroe Institute is referred as the Patrick Event. Often, the attendees at the Monroe Insitute listen to the tape with that rescue or retrieval.

Later, Robert Monroe will be involved in retrieving souls trapped in  time zones , some of these souls were part of his own being , they were past life incarnation of Robert Monroe that he retrieved. All these experiences doing retrievals leads Robert Monroe to develop a program at the Monroe Institute where people will be able to learn this skill  and perform themselves retrievals of trapped souls.

The LifeLine program was born , in the early 90s Bruce Moen an engineer who attended the LifeLine program took a great  interest in it, Bruce Moen wrote a whole book of his early experience with retrievals after that initial first book (he wrote 5 books) , Bruce Moen slowly moved away from the Monroe Insitute framework , he discovered that it was possible to do retrievals without going out of body with a technique similar to remote viewing with the notable difference that with the Bruce Moen technique you interact with souls and helpers.

Bruce Moen also discovered how important Pure Unconditional Love is important to human development as a species. This is also something that Monroe find out but contrary to Moen he didn’t put that knowledge into simple words as Moen did.

In 2005, Bruce Moen developed his own home study audiocourse with that people can learn to develop the necessary skill to do retrieval of souls, Moen also left his enginerring job to dedicated his full time to teach people how to develop retrievals skills.

Millions of souls are trapped like this examples includes:

Children who died in hospital but didn’t realize it, usually, they stay in their hospital bed waiting their parent, in fact, their parent have such an emotional bound that it kept the soul blocked, the child not knowing about the death then wait the parent what next ?
The parent know the child his death so they don’t come back at the hospital but still their grieves keep the soul earthbound.

People who died brutally during earthquake, tsunami, car crash and so on.

Soldiers who died brutally on the battle fields.

People with strong attachment usually the object of their attachment will keep them here, it can be a house, sometimes, their energy can be perceived then they are called ghost.

People who believe that the conscious ceases to function after the death or people who believe that death is an eternal sleep such people are likely to be blocked.

They are many more conditions and some of them are very complex that favor being trapped however this article is just an overview I hope you will want to learn more about  this fascinating  topic.

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