The Art of Radiating Love

Often we look for power outside of us, not understanding that the biggest source of personal power is inside us, the outside world the stuffs we see with our eyes is only a reflection of our inside world.
If for a couple of days we decide to completely accept ourselves in all and every ways you will notice that things are getting better , why is that ? Because by accepting and loving ourselves , we start to create a new reality with those feelings of love and acceptance flowing  we allow ourselves the good things to come in our lives.

The component of our personality is made of associative memories stored in the brain, they are memories associated to objects, places, people, events, experiences and feelings. If in the early childhood when we formed our personality, we had a negative event, we crystallized it into a belief a memory, we put bad feelings with it and from there we will associate this initial memory to other similar events forming a string of defeating beliefs in that area and being extremely predictable in that area as well.

That’s the way  we build our personality so personalities are composed of things of the past. All thinking patterns are more likely be based on associative memories processing, in a particular situation, we go looking for the associative memories we have about it and act it out.
Often, the soul want use to evolve ,so once the soul has decided an issue to work on, you will attract that issue over and over again until you understand the lesson and change the belief and associative memories.

Being in the now means not surrendering to your thinking process, just observing without any judgement, if you let go of ‘thinking’ then you allow your intuition to give the  key explanations to the events you attract into your life.

Building a personality like this with associative memories put us away from our true self and from the love we have for ourselves.

The less we have love for ourselves the less we love others. Some people don’t love themselves at all and they are very hurting to others, always remember that we treat others the way we treat ourselves.

The good news is that we can reclaim this love that we gave up because we built a personality that is not deserving, not caring enough , not this or that….

We can reclaim love for us by opening our heart and sending love, I have been playing with sending love for more than a year now and I had a lot of interesting experiences as a result.
Even sending to other people I know help them for the better.

How to send and radiate love

Lie down on your bed or stand erect on a chair, close your eyes.
Imagine that a violet (you can change this color) coming from the sun is filling your entire by body  starting by the top of the head, this light is the solar light , direct it with your will to go into your solar plexus from the solar plexus this light goes up to your heart chakra and from your chakra direct it with your mind to your crown chakra, do that for a few times , it helps to heal many issues stored in the solar plexus chakra with love and it helps to activate your love centers.

Once you finish, imagine that your heart chakra is radiating a light it can be pink or transparent color doesn’t matter much. Send the love to people, nature, flowers, trees, animals and your sub-personalities to help them to evolves.
Do that until you can feel the love emanating from you, if this is complicated tell yourself ‘I ask my inner guidance to help me open my heart and send love’. This should help, when you send love to people , you can imagine them being radiant and happy of receiving.
You know you are doing good when you actually feel the love and your feelings change.
If you cry during the meditation it means that your releasing stuck emotions in your body and aura.
If you laugh and feel more joyous all the better your heart is really opening wider.

Have fun playing sending out love.

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