The Art of Astro Travel – By the Source Channels


My name is Queen Tiye I inherited the ability to write in my sleep
since the early part of 2006, this ability as slowly but surely become
part of my routine life style which fits perfectly within my every day

As it happens, while I am in an unconscious sleep state I
awake to News Views, Predictions foreign languages and pure information
from the source communicated through my vessel, to this dimension the

In this article I want to give you the purest information
from the source on The Combine Art of Astro Travel. In the writings
Astro Travel is known has Astro Transcending Proggestrotation. (ATP).
ATP is the spirit within the physical body that separated the physical
vessel, when separated it can travels outside the earth’s dimension
connected through the Koralatal, the Golden Cord.

This natural
process began initially with the spec of consciousness separated from
the source using the Koralatal to enter the womb which is the spec of
consciousness that travels through dimensions to begin life on earth.

writing says: Oh ye believers of faith and non believers of little.
upon you I have bestowed the power to travel within all times within
all dimensions. Enjoy the abundance of life and fulfillment within.
Engage your beings to your inner consciousness and return to your label
less destinations before your time within the dimension of earth. I say
unto you emerge in the inner awakening spirit and travel with the golden
cord Koralatal and open your inner eye to your true existence. I tell
you familiarize and identify while you travel Astro transcending
proggestrotation here your true inner consciousness of self will ignite
and awaken the bruentrones that will return you to that spec of
consciousness within you, before the earth embraced you. Behold balance
your fueelt. Tiye teach for I gave unto you u the true knowledge of
earth. The words of I is a seal to the earth, I am label less yet it’s
unknown to the earth. Ye who rejects the wisdom of there existence
rejects the spirit to return to its existence hear my word, for I who is
all, will remain all within all that is, I

This experience
can be entered into in many ways, each way is refer to as a stage, they
are sixteen stages, each stage of travel is knowledge, knowledge breads
wisdom, which gives you Wisdom Beyond Beings. In this article we will
concentrate on stage one of the Astro Travel (ATP) from ground level,
this travel is carried out by everyone on earth some not realizing it.
First we have to comprehend that the earth is within another dimension
yet within the dimension of earth.

The people on earth are in a
combine state of illusion hence why the ground level focus of other
dimensions cannot be seen with the natural eye. Visualize this
scenario, close your eyes and imagine the creator of man is on the
highest step of a ladder all the earth beings wants to reach that force.
However before you can climb the first step you must understand the
knowledge handed down from the source, the knowledge is in ten parts and
the steps are ten, only they who understand the knowledge will climb
the steps, the rest will be forever trying their hardest to complete the

Keep visualizing the source is now transcending in the
distant leaving you gasping to follow behind, you are trying to get the
task complete to enable you to transcend, now its late the source is
gone, your level is different from he/she who transcended with the
source, you are all now at different levels trying your hardest to reach
your highest potential. Open your eyes, and understand this is like the
different stages in schools colleges or universities.

This brings
us back to Astro Travel (ATP) there are different dimensions and each
stage has its own challenge. To enable one to reach the summit you must
complete the required knowledge to achieve success.

The required
knowledge in stage one is to travel in slow mode outside the dimension
of earth, yet within the dimension you are already in. This will allow
the beginning of your slow awakening from your internal state of
illusion through your inner eye.

To bring you into that mode you
must understand the basic art of meditation. Understanding the basics of
meditation will take you into fueelt. Fueelt is known as the balance
between the spirit and the Physical body. It’s like synchronizing two
points to become one; another example is reaching the biting point in a
vehicle using the accelerator and the clutch.

The basic art of
combine meditation consist of various aspects, before you embark on your
journey. This journey can enable one who meditates to find the journey
at the end rejuvenating. The beginning of combine meditation is
planning why, when, where and how is the key words to begin. Let’s

First we must detox. Why do I need to detox? To remove
toxins or impurities from your being to sharpen the mind and be more
focus; to repairs the body and gain rejuvenation and gain more energy is
just a few.

When do I need to Meditate?
Meditation should be a part of your daily routine, you should meditate
every day. It the discipline of your mental self, it’s the art of
relaxation. Meditation can lower blood pressure, and cure various
ailments within your being. Where should I meditate?
You should meditate in a quiet place; the place should be peaceful and
comfortable. How do I meditate? You begin your
meditation after applying the basic steps above. The basic steps is done
without imagining, make sure you are not tense and no tension is
visible, your clothing should be very loose and comfortable, to master
the art you have to begin diminishing the inner thoughts to the thoughts
of nothingness, doubting is a hindrances to your being.

of oneself is the road to your achievement. It’s not necessary to sit
with your back erected at this early stage; your eyes can be open or
closed, however closed is preferred. Comfort and control of your
breathing from inhale to exhale is essential. Now focus on nothing but
the sound of your breath and breath. Inhale Exhale.

breathing the true essence of existence on earth is breath, Chi life
force. Breathing is like a metabolic regulator as it increases oxygen
flows to the brain. On another post I will explain the true meaning of
Chi and how it can help your life force.

Once you have
comprehended all the information above you are now ready to begin your
basic step to combine meditation. Drift in the true essence of your
being, for the road to true enlightening stands before you. When you
have mastered these steps we will take you outside the ground level of
Astro Transcending Proggestrotation.

Please note I have quoted
‘The Writing’ as it was channeled and used words from the writings in
the text. Some I have found their meaning, but others we are yet to find
their correct translation. Therefore please research to find the
meaning of any words that you do not understand.

Following a Near Death Experience Queen Tiye was able to
channel messages from the ‘Unseen’. More ‘The Writings’ channeled by
Queen Tiye can be found at Wisdom Beyond Beings. Queen
Tiye also acquired the ability to see auras, amongst many other
abilities. To read more about these remarkable channeled messages please
spend a few minutes to browse The Writing

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