Thanksgiving: Your Secret Key to Abundance and Blessing

Develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you.

~ Brian Tracy

In America, we have a wonderful national holiday called Thanksgiving, a day dedicated to gratitude and appreciation for our many blessings. It’s a time to gather with friends and family to celebrate Life. Thanksgiving Day encompasses tables overflowing with favorite foods, laughter, reminiscence, and hope. In short, it’s wonderful!

Wouldn’t you like to have all that bounty and blessing every day? I propose that you can, by making every day a day of thanksgiving. Become consciously thankful. In everything, give thanks (I Thess. 5:18). It will transform your life.

Many times throughout the day, someone or something makes your life smoother, easier, better. Gratitude notices and appreciates those small blessings and favors.

  • A parking space in a crowded lot (Thank You, Lord!)
  • A ray of sunshine through the clouds (smile and say a prayer)
  • A cup of hot tea (coffee or cocoa) on a cold morning (Ahhhh.)
  • A traffic light that turns green when you’re in a hurry! (Thanks, God. I needed that!)
  • People around you who make your life better in some way (a waiter, bank teller, office assistant, family and friends).
  • Your own gifts, talents and abilities. (Thank You, God, for making me ‘me!’)
  • Favor in a potentially negative situation (All things work together for good… )
  • All the conveniences of life that we take for granted (We toured a sod house in South Dakota. I am very grateful for electricity, indoor plumbing and carpeting on my floors, shopping malls and grocery stores!)

Those seemingly insignificant ‘blessings’ are God’s way of saying He loves you. Yet, most people are so focused on their problems or To Do lists, they don’t even notice. An ‘attitude of gratitude’ helps you recognize your blessings despite the circumstances. Sometimes you may need to consciously look for those blessings. I’ve heard it described as ‘finding the strawberry’ in every circumstance. Gratefulness says, “No matter what, I’m OK. Life is good!”

You see, gratitude doesn’t come from your circumstances. It is an internal attitude – like love, peace, joy, kindness, goodness; all the fruit of the spirit. God expects you to develop those seeds He placed inside you into mature fruit, constantly aware and active. They connect you to Divine Spirit. The more you develop your own love, peace, joy and thankfulness, the wider and more open your ‘tap’ or connection into His ever-flowing fountain of peace, favor and blessing.

Just remember, development takes practice. Muscles don’t get stronger without exercise: repeated demands to lift more and do more. Tension and pressure. Athletes aren’t fully developed without a great deal of constant effort. Musicians, even prodigies, spend hours developing their craft. Practice love when you don’t want to. Express joy when you don’t feel like it. Be grateful in the midst of a mess.

Thankfulness activates what is currently known as the Law of Attraction. God called it seedtime and harvest (Gen. 8:22). The seeds you sow – thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation and cooperation – will grow into a harvest of abundance, peace, favor and blessing.

The more you practice gratitude, the easier it becomes. Focus on the good that surrounds you. A grateful heart helps you face your problems with confidence, stay humble, and look toward the future with anticipation.

Gratitude is also a multiplier. It magnifies blessings and returns a dividend to the giver.

  • A card in your mailbox feels good. Calling the sender to say thanks makes both of you feel even better!
  • An efficient teller or waiter is helpful. Thanking him or her adds joy to their day and makes you feel good.
  • A helpful spouse is a blessing. Noticing, especially the small things, and saying thank you enhances your relationship. Add a hug for good measure!

You get the idea. Don’t take anyone for granted. Develop true gratefulness. Share your love, joy and appreciation with everyone.

Gratitude is contagious. Spread it around! Make everyday a day of Thanksgiving.

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Ruth Seebeck has built a reputation over the last three decades as a life-skills coach, mentor, Christian counselor and friend. She is a business owner, author, community volunteer and event coordinator whose passion is helping others overcome life’s challenges.