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Telepathy for the beginner

This technique is for people who want to start telepathy but who have never done it before. This technique assumes that you are completely newbie with close to no skills. You can use this technique to contact someone you knew in the past to meet the person again. You also use this technique to contact anyone else.

If you have a very messy lifestyle because y watch a lot TV; you play a lot of video games and play loud music. Have one hour to digest all of this, go for a walk in a park then come back for the technique.

Prep work:

When you wake up in the morning pay close attention to the way you feel. You are noticing your basic level of feelings or energy.


1 . Do five minutes of stretching, stretch all your muscles group.


2 . Do ten minutes of nostril breathing

By now, you should have your mind a little bit clearer to proceed to step 3.

3. lie down or sit erect, relax, close your eyes and count from 100 to 1. Picture each number in your mind's eye, breath them.

Now, you should have the appropriate state of mind to perform communication. Pay attention to how you feel. How do you feel ? This is very important.

4. Picture yourself in a quiet place, it can be either a beach, a mountain, near a lake, a forest, a park, a desert, anything that you think is a peaceful and quiet place. Imagine that you are walking in that place do not force the image let it appears on its own.

5. Imagine the person you want to contact at front of you. Try to have a maximum of details. Pay attention to your feelings . It is possible that you are already receiving impressions from that person. Beginners usually register the impression in feelings form in the solar plexus.

You understand why it is important to know your feelings so you can make the difference between your own emotions and what you receive from others.

6. Here there are 3 possibilities :

A – Have a chat with this person a long discussion. How does it feel ? do you feel drained , is it difficult to maintain the discussion, does it feel unconformable then it means either the person is not available for you or you are receiving negative impressions from that person. If it feels comfortable and you can talk endlessly it means things are going in the good direction. A success sign is the conversation is really easy to maintain and you lose yourself in the talk.

B- You build a scenario, the scenario may be as long as half an hour. For example imagine you and this person have a walk or visiting some place. If you can do it effortlessly this is a good sign. If you feel drained or unease then there is a problem .

C – Step into this person, pay attention to your feelings then start having a talk with this person. Pay particularly attention to your feelings, compare them with your base feelings you had in the morning. Maybe, you are receiving transmission.

You do not have to concentration on a command, like meet here or there. Just have the will to send positive impressions. Continue to transmit until you are bored.

7. End the session and let It go completely, forget about it. This is the most important step.


When you connect like this, you are sending positive impressions and energy. If you do it right the person will enjoy your impressions and energy. When you let it go and forget about it, the person will not feel your energy anymore and will want to connect. It creates the attraction and the person wanting to meet you.


* Some problems may arise, if you are unable to relax and concentrate. In this case, you have better to learn those things first.

* You connect but it feel very bad and sad, this is not good at all. Send this person your love and end the transmission. At this point, you are not skilled enough to understand what is going on. Better not to mess around.

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