Telepathic Connections With Animals

Telepathy is the acquiring of information from another living thing (animals, people, etc.) through the transference of thoughts, ideas, feelings and mental images. Just as some are born with various natural talents – the ability to sing or excel at a particular sport – similarly people are born with a natural ability to communicate telepathically. Unfortunately, due to societal influences, the development of telepathic abilities is not always encouraged. However, animals use telepathy as their main method of communicating with each other.

An example of animals using telepathic communication is when a flock of geese need to change their formation. The lead goose falls to the back of the line in order to catch the draft and rest. The other geese move up in formation and a new goose takes the lead. In order to perform this task simultaneously, the geese will communicate telepathically.

The Aborigines of Australia, Native Americans and even very young children know how to freely communicate using telepathy – regardless of the distance between each other.

Some refer to the telepathic connection as a ‘heart connection’ or a ‘psychic trail’.

The important thing to remember about being successful in using telepathy with animals is to first relax by quieting the mind and body and then becoming centered. Using meditation is an excellent way to relax and open your mind and heart. Once this is done, opening a telepathic connection becomes easy to do.

I have successfully communicated telepathically with many animals. During my conversations with these animals, some of them have chosen to communicate in the form of words while others have used images or pictures, smells, tastes or feelings. The animals communicate with a full range of emotions and senses. The method used is based on the preference of the animal and how they feel they can best communicate with me. Forming a telepathic connection with each animal helps them and their human companions form a closer relationship and a better understanding of each other.

There are three main forms of telepathic communication. The first form is transmission of feelings, which is the most common form even among animals. The second form is transmission of emotions or feelings and images. This is the most common form of telepathic communication between humans. The third form is transmission of words. This form of telepathic communication is the most difficult and requires training.

When my telepathic ‘door’ initially opened, I received most of the information from the animals in the form of words. As I practiced further with telepathy, I began to receive images from the animals that I communicated with. Next, I received feelings and emotions from the animals. Finally, the ability to receive smells and tastes came through.

Think of having a telepathic connection with an animal as if you are a radio receiver looking for a specific radio transmission. Once you are tuned into the right channel, you will experience all of the wonders of a telepathic connection with the animals in your life.

Tim Link, President and CEO of Link’s Wagging Tales, Inc., is an animal communicator and Reiki energy healer for animals. He is also past President of the Humane Society of Forsyth County (Georgia) and a member of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s AJC pets expert panel. For more information about Tim, visit