Tapping Into Higher Spirituality & Awareness Using Binaural Beats

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With hectic lives that lead us from one thing to the next, we barely have time to think let alone relax. And when we do have five minutes to chill and enter a state of calm we usually experience difficulty getting the mind to center and stop jumping from thought to thought. We’re so used to being on autopilot with high brain activity that when we want to take a moment of mindfulness it’s almost impossible to settle down.


This is a problem for those who want to meditate and cultivate higher awareness and spiritual consciousness, because to do so the mind needs to be in a state of low frequency activity, known as the theta and delta zones, rather than the alpha and beta zones which we are in when we are rushing around in our daily routine.


We become trapped in high mental activity, and this can result in having trouble sleeping and relaxing in general; we just can’t turn off. The good news is that binaural beats recordings can assist in manipulating the brain to the desired state of calm and quiet contemplation. By listening to a recording in the theta zone we can achieve a meditation state within just a couple of minutes.


How Binaural Beats Manipulate the Brain


The technology works by sending a different frequency to each ear via headphones, the difference between the two frequencies then entrains the brain to the desired frequency. For example, if we send a signal of 220hz to the left ear, and 210 hz to the right ear, the difference is 10hz, and this is the frequency the brain will begin to operate at. This is known as frequency following response (FFR).


Binaural beats were first discovered in 1839 by German experimenter H.Dove.  However, it wasn’t until 1973 though that biophysicist Doctor Gerald Oster brought the technology into mainstream awareness through a paper called “Auditory Beats in the Brain”, published in the Scientific American, 1973.  Oster’s research demonstrated that binaural beats were an effective tool in cognitive and neurological research. The technology has since been fine-tuned by sound engineers to help people tap into specific areas of personal development such as stress relief, better concentration and increased productivity, and also as a tool to help meditators access deep states of meditation and spiritual awareness.


Binaural Beats for Spirituality


Many meditators the world over use binaural beats as a form of guided meditation, thus the term “binaural beats meditation”. The recordings particularly benefit those who struggle to focus in the present moment, and those meditating under time constraint. Using binaural beats regularly for meditation and spiritual consciousness will entrain the brain to be able to move into a contemplative, calm, centered state on demand, which is good news for those who find it difficult to turn off a chattering mind and relax in the moment.


Binaural beats have become popular in a number of spiritual disciplines, particularly Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. This is because such spiritual endeavors require the mind to be completely centered and ultra relaxed to cultivate awareness in the dream world (lucid dreaming) and to leave the physical body (astral projection).


Are Binaural Beats Safe?


Binaural beats recordings engineered in the low theta and delta zones have been known to induce a relaxing high that habitually manifests itself in the psyche; a very calm, positive feeling that leaves the individual open to spiritual encounters, higher awareness and higher learning. The good news, however, is that binaural beats have no negative effects on the brain, and only assist the brain in replicating brain states innate to the human disposition. There are no side effects, either, and research has shown that binaural beats enhance quality of life in a number of ways, including enhancing learning and creativity, reducing stress, anxiety and depression, and aiding recovery from sickness.


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