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The world of self-help is full of product using subliminal some work well , some don't work at all. A subliminal message is send below the threshold of conscious perception. It can be of any type sound, visual and olfactive. Subliminal are supposed to work because no matter your brain record every perception even if you don't pay attention the information is recorded. It is now well known that of the best form of education are the non-conscious learning , the photo-reading system is based on this rule.


Some stores in USA and CANADA use subliminal to substantially reduce their shoplifting rate. One undisclosed East Coast chain is said to have cut the number of thefts by 37%, for a saving of $600,000, during a nine-month trial.  The subliminal device also seems to be catching up on other businesses.  In Toronto , a real estate office uses a black box to inspire sales personnel ("I love real estate.  I will prospect for new listings for clients each and every day").  Says black box inventor Hal C. Becker: "I see no reason why there won't be audio-conditioning in the same way we now have air conditioning."

According to some expert to works well a subliminal message must be repeated at least 1000 to 1500 times in atmosphere that promote alpha brainwaves to really deeply penetrate the subconscious. A general theme and sub-themes should be present , the script should be composed of positive sentences. The script should follow the same rules applied to hypnosis and self-hypnosis, the use of present tense, simple image rich sentences and so on. If done well subliminal message works during, a series of experiments by different researchers, people who were asked to "guess" which three-digit numbers had been read to them subliminally gave about 80% correct answers, while those in control groups who had received no subliminal numbers, guessed about 90% wrong.

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