“Stinking Thinking” Prevents Change and Growth

Learned Patterns of Thought Can Prevent Change

Thoughts that have been learned over a period of time become “subconscious”. You are usually not even aware that you are thinking them. Your belief system is hidden in your subconscious. It is made up of thoughts that have been reaffirmed and strengthened many times. Beliefs can be right or they can be wrong, but they are very real to you and help you form the picture of who you are and provide you with the way you interpret life. Your subconscious mind overrides your conscious mind unless it is overruled. Your subconscious produces your logic, the way you have learned to work things out.

Recognize Your Destructive Thoughts

Thoughts that prevent change are recognizable. Thoughts always produce words. Negative thoughts will come out in words such as, “That’s the way I have always done things”, or, “I can’t ***”, or “I haven’t got the *** to ***”, complaints about or criticism of the government, the world, the state of finances or anything else. If you are complaining, criticizing and always making excuses, you are suffering from “stinking thinking” and you will not be able to grow. You need to have a radical mind change. Your words can actually condemn you to never reach your potential.

Some Examples of Destructive Words You Need to Change

  • I will never amount to anything
  • I can’t ever do things right
  • There is no way I can get out of this mess
  • Things are just going downhill
  • I do not have the ability/education to do it.

When you really think about it, none of these statements are true, so stop saying them.

YOU Are in Charge of Your Own Mind

You have the power to decide what you think. You have the ability to accept or reject information and thoughts that enter your mind. Once you have recognized wrong thinking, you can intercept those thoughts and change them with positive affirmations. Speak affirmative words out loud, your mind has to stop “thinking”, and “listen” to what your mouth is saying. Your own words are the quickest and most effective tool you have to change your mind. Very soon your mind will follow the direction of your new words.

How You Can Take Charge of Your Own Thinking

Identify a specific goal, then make a deliberate conscious decision to go against your learned logic to initiate the changes necessary to reach your goal. There is tremendous power in a decision. Make your decision very firm, do not allow yourself any loopholes. No “if’s” or “I will try”. Make the decision unchangeable, “I WILL!” Period!

You have to continually “speak out” that decision. It also helps to write it down and paste it somewhere so you will see it regularly Reaffirm your decision in as many ways as you can and as often as you can. This will help speed changes to your subconscious mind. You will have lapses, but get up and keep starting over. Persistence will help you overcome the battle going on in your mind. You will succeed.


The changes you desire will gradually take shape in your life when you recognize your wrong thinking and consciously take steps to correct it. You have the power to choose what you think. Stinking thinking might prevent change and growth, but the opposite is equally true. Right and positive thinking will encourage growth and change in your life.

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