States of consciousness

Perceived reality changes depending on the state of consciousness of the perceiver (Charles Tart.1975). Scientists use EEG (electroencephalograph) to measure brain waves pattern associated to states of consciousness. However, EEG measures are only an indirect way to identify a particular state of consciousness. Many states of consciousness cannot be detected with an EEG, the EEG might mark either the beginning or the end of the state, but it will not detect the state itself. As example, the EEG doesn’t detect the state of conscious during phenomena such as OOBE or NDE.

Brain waves are electrical voltages measured in hertz.

Brainwave patterns

Beta (30 – 13 Hz or cycles per second)

Considered normal consciousness, that’s the state we are in during most of the day. Associated with logical thinking.

Alpha (13 – 7.5 Hz or cycles per second)

Associated with relaxation, creativity and daydreaming. You can put yourself in light alpha by closing your eyes.

Theta (8 – 3.5 Hz or cycles per second)

Associated with expansion of consciousness, the theta state is a state worth to explore, a study on a group of chronic alcoholics at an University in Colorado, showed that the group that generated theta waves during a period 13 weeks had a greater recovery rate (Dane Spotts.1998). Accelerated learning method such as PhotoReading or Superlearning™ are also associated with theta waves. According to Dr. Jeffrey Thompson a well known searcher in the field , theta can also be associated with:

  • The ability to handle stress (30 years of studies confirmed this)
  • Deep meditation state ( EEG scan of meditators show that they are in theta state when they are in deep meditation)
  • Effortless visualization (this is may be, one of the most fun thing to experience, the quality of the visualization is dreamlike, I have experienced it many times )
  • Increased levels of intuition (that was true after some weeks with theta inductions, I experienced many synchronicity and intuitive hunches)
  • Enhanced sense of emotional balance (you will only experience this, if you have a clean lifestyle)
  • Creativity and problem solving abilities.(The brain under the theta state can work without the creativity block that we might have at the beta level, where our internal censor is far too present

Delta (3.5 – 0.5 Hz or cycles per second)

Associated with deep sleep, “strong empathy experience” and also with some paranormal phenomena.

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