Spiritual Teachers

Spirituality teaches many good and virtues morals for us human beings. Almost all the peoples around the earth believe in spirituality in one form or another. Spiritual teachings nourishes the learner it also nourishes others by giving them key concepts of morals thus allowing friendly calm communications within also to everyone else they interact with.

In our modern lives we are ever so busy, hyperactive always concerned about facts and figures, as we live in consuming cultures many people ask questions like how can I make more money, how can I have more of this and more of that. Thus some of us at times forget deeper questions of higher purpose and universal truth which by answering these questions we can achieve true content also happiness.


Spiritual seekers do and can benefit from wondering of the nature of life. Seekers of these spiritual dimensions need to transcend the intellect (example = using meditation or prayers) to increase awareness of self also the nature they live in. Higher knowledge begins with reason, logic, and wisdom that mere words and concepts can never capture the absolute truth of life. One must understand the source of thoughts to actually experience their beginning.


Temporary attainment of universal truth is the key to fill your heart with awareness and accumulation of these temporary attainments will eventually bind together for you to come to higher degrees of understanding. Logical debate with reason in minds eventually will grow into wisdom and virtue also to understanding unity and interconnectedness of all living. Reason and logic within spiritual paths can be thought of as a weapon, if used correctly will extinguish negative thoughts and negative feelings thus allowing the seed of respect meaning and purpose to take root in your hearts spiritual garden.


Spiritual seekers should not cling on to the past nor they should worry about the future rather should stay centered in the present, this will create an ability to live in the eternal now. If spiritual seekers are preoccupied with right or wrong of others then obviously spiritual love and compassion is undermined. Athletes of spirituality and understanding needs to allow time and space for their souls spiritual communications. Your experience within these communication sessions (be it through meditation or prayer etc.) are times of most exceptional awareness therefore this awareness gained needs to also reflect out in your daily interaction with others thus allowing the love and compassion received in your state of communication will then shine through your heart to light the eternal path for everyone who journeys in life.


Dear spiritual l friend, your inner calmness, and your inner love will support your eternal outer interaction and will give you courage. Nothing in the outside environment has any meaning except the meaning you give it. Yet the inner environment of your heart seeks truth and with every heart beat it desires to reach its eternal destiny. Cultivating and reflecting love and compassion to yourself will make loving kindness to others as your true nature. This magical and wonderful  spiritual journey we call our lives, deserves to be loved and respected also cherished. It is a gift that runs through your veins and meets in your spiritual heart. It is wise to repay the gift by being loving and kindhearted therefore

love fellow humans as they are at times your spiritual teachers and at times they are your students. Simply be eternal. – – – (Author Tolga Savas)