Sound Healing Methods and Their Importance in Healing Human Mind Body and Soul

Sound Healing, also named sound energy healing, is a treatment option for restoring different aspects of our health with the help of sound energy. It is one of the oldest energy healing methods that is coming out of its virtual extinction and regaining recognition among healthcare practitioners.

Everything in the universe has its own vibrational frequency which envelopes respective energies and likewise, the human body, which is composed of different parts – each with its different properties – has an exclusive reverberating frequency. This idea has become the foundation of making sound healing a therapeutic choice, especially to calm down and de-stress the body. It helps to bring the body back to its

naturally balanced energy states in cases of stress or pain. It restores overall general health.

There are innumerable ways to apply the modality of sound. We can use voices of different tones, volumes and rhythms by chanting, singing, toning etc. Discovery of several musical instruments and tuning devices has also provided the practitioners with the opportunity of employing perceptive and innovative application of sound. Drums, bells, crystal bowls, tuning forks, gongs etc are a few instruments commonly used as healing equipment.

Acoustic healing is frequently coupled with Brainwave Entrainment for therapeutic purposes. During brainwave entrainment, the brain is exposed to stimulus signals that produce a response in sync with the frequency of stimulus signal. As a result of this response, synchronization of natural brainwaves of the subject is carried out that are allowed to move from series beta waves to alpha waves and theta waves and sometimes to the extent of delta waves.

Healing with use of Sound and music therapy differ from each other. Music therapy is usually used in addition to the traditional methods whereas sound energy healing can be used as an alternative which may or may not include music. Sound healing can ideally be used as an addition to chemotherapy in cancer patients as it reduces the adverse effects of chemotherapy and calms down the nervous system.

It has relatively rapid healing effects in comparison with traditional allopathic, homeopathic or other unconventional therapeutic approaches. While it is having a global resurgence, sound energy healing is gaining wide acceptance by healthcare practitioners for conditions; however, extensive scientific study is required to prove its advantage as a remedy. Whenever you are looking for a safe and effective treatment with no undesirable effects, sound healing is a great energy healing to employ.

Use of brainwave entrainment can be proven beneficial, by use of this technique and sound healing the vibration levels can be optimized. Along with this use of subconscious communication other sound healing methods can be utilized to bring betterment in one’s overall performance. April Norris the creator of Hyp Musique


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